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SN condemns assault on media driver

By EMN Updated: Feb 18, 2015 12:50 am

Expresses concern over Tuensang clash

Dimapur, February 17

The Survival Nagaland (SN) has vehemently condemned the assault on driver of the Nagaland Post’s editor reportedly by some anti-socials who on the pretext of checking the identity card and documents as SN volunteers, looted his mobile phone and other belonging. The SN warned those involved that they would not be spared and that befitting punishment would be given according to the law for taking the name of SN and tarnishing the name of the movement and trying to take undue advantage.
It said, the Survival Nagaland movement is a peaceful, democratic and a non-violent movement and not against any community, religion or group.
“All cross-verifications and checkings are done with a prior notice and understanding with the concerned authorities and checking randomly anytime anywhere does not arise. But its main objective is spreading the awareness and imbibing a work culture and dignity of labour among our people and economically self-reliant yet would not remain a silent spectator when our people are kidnapped, raped or killed and is harmed.”
The Survival Nagaland Public Relation Cell has also expressed a deep concern about the tribal clash among the two Naga brother tribes in Tuensang and appealed them to let peace prevail.
Reminding the quote of Martin Luther King Jr. “We must either remain together as brothers or perish together as fools”, the SN said, what could be truer than this saying for the Naga society today.
“The division of tribalism and narrow-mindedness of our outlook has killed none others but ourselves.”
On Tuensang, which is also one of the districts where the IBIs have greatly swelled in numbers in recent times, the SN said, almost all business activities are captured by them.
“Most of these IBIs are those who were chased out during the Survival Mokokchung 2007 campaign have reached there and enjoying all the benefits to their fullest when actually should belong to Nagas. Our disunity only benefits them while their strength in economic domination and other activities grows stronger.”
The SN Public Relation Cell said, “Half of the IBIs who were chased out from Mokochung are now in Dimapur, the ever free heaven for them without any restrictions being an ILP free zone and random issuance of every necessary documents recklessly by our local authorities and now these IBIs are now enjoying more than they could ever enjoy their own land.”
It appealed all the Nagas to unite and stand against their common adversary- IBIs rather than clash with one another which will only gain these illegal aliens to achieve their nefarious plan of over-running the land and the entire North-East India.
The SN asked everyone concerned not to further incite the flames of tribalism and divisions further by instigating the tribes as the lack of forgiving spirit and policy of an eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.

By EMN Updated: Feb 18, 2015 12:50:14 am