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Smart not enough, must perform fundamental duties, students told

By Our Correspondent Updated: Jan 24, 2020 11:45 pm

‘Jobs are everywhere but only for the best’

Our Correspondent
Kohima, Jan. 24 (EMN):
People should have good civic sense and perform their fundamental duties as they have been given rights too. But without performing their duties ‘even if you are smart, the society will not look up to you,’ stated Neiba Kronu, minister for Planning and Coordination, Land Revenue and Parliamentary Affairs.

Kronu was speaking during a seminar about the constitution and the Fundamental Duties, organised by the Department of Parliamentary Affairs, on Friday at Kohima College in Kohima.

“Give me these rights and I will also perform my duties” is the most appropriate attitude, he told the students. He reminded the students that if there is no civic sense, hard work, punctuality or discipline, then “even if you are smart, the society will not look upon you.”

Talking about Fundamental Rights, he remarked, “It is like the Fundamental Duties are talking directly to Nagaland.”

Also, he asked the people to safeguard public property as most people tend to not care about government property. He urged the students to perform well. He said the government is trying its best to give a better future to the younger generation.

“Academic life is most important and this is the time where you can send a good message to everyone,” he said, emphasising on how this generation is ‘very lucky because they can learn anything they want as the world has turned into a global society.’  

In this world, there are many people searching for different kinds of job, he said.  Jobs are everywhere but are mostly only for the best of the best people. ‘You should aim for excellence,’ he told them. Aim for excellence as jobs today are mostly only for the best among the best, he told the students.

In her keynote address, secretary for the Law and Justice Nino Iralu said the government of India has launched a national campaign focusing on creating awareness regarding a very important feature of the constitution, the Fundamental Duties.

Nagaland also has launched a yearlong campaign on Fundamental Duties of citizens with a vision to reaffirm commitment to the Fundamental Duties, on November 26, 2019, which will culminate on November 26, 2020.

“It is felt that all citizens can play a positive and effective role in fulfilling our duties towards our fellow citizens and to our country,” Iralu commented. She said, ‘It is our responsibility to take upon our shoulders the task of seeing that order, justice and freedom are maintained.’

Awareness about our duties is as awareness of our rights, she stated, urging the students to fulfil their duties towards their fellow citizens and the state.

A senior additional advocate general at the Kohima bench of the Gauhati High Court, TB Jamir, also exhorted the students. Being citizens of India, “it is our duty to perform our fundamental duties in order to uphold and strengthen our democracy.”

By Our Correspondent Updated: Jan 24, 2020 11:45:21 pm