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Slaves of Commitment

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Ambrose.J. Chakre

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]irect my footsteps to your word; let no sin rule over me. Psalm 119:133
“A man is a slave to whatever has mastered him” is a statement of the Word and it is this truth which draws a picture of the way we are. For many commitment may be a word which reminds them of the future ahead. It takes what it takes to achieve what its desires are. The words choices and decisions are eternal words which will be echoed in the eternal future. The Patriarch Jacob in his passion to marry Rebecca worked seven years to embrace her. On being cheated with Leah, he worked another seven years to truly make her his. This speaks of a man’s passion for his bride and a woman’s desire for her husband. The woman is what represents us and it is scripturally clear that our desire will be for our husband. (Genesis 2:16) Stating this in the truth, Holiness is our lover, our God and it is what we worship. To stick to what we believe we have to be committed to whom we love. It takes love to be faithful and commitment to be committed. This calls for higher attention in the body of Christ. In the recent past as I shared in a Church a girl came up to me saying “ Your words has really touched my heart” clasping her own hands to her heart. This act of her further motivated me to rise higher in love, holiness and purity. The truth is even as we love Christ, His Word must be embraced in our hearts, fulfilling our every vow as we rise higher in our relationship with Him.
To this the Psalmist states “ I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. My soul is consumed with longing for your laws at all times. turn my heart towards your statutes and not towards selfish gain. Do not snatch the word of truth from my mouth, for I have put my hope in your laws. I will always obey your law, forever and ever. (Psalm 119:11, 20, 36, 43, 44)It speaks of the Church’s desire for God and our every response clearly shows the degree of our love for Christ. Adding to this, completeness is what depicts the nature of Christ and it is what we must be established in
. Fixing our eyes righteously on the truth, our commitment must be on God. Somewhere in the Scripture it is written “ In your struggle against sin, you have not resisted sin to the point of shedding your own blood ( Hebrews 12:4 )It speaks of the need of higher passion and greater desire in our quest for the truth. An illustration is this: If I have a wife, I will always feel that she is always with me in spirit. She comes wherever I go and I go wherever she wants to go. So whenever I am out and get so involved at worked, I remember this, that love is at home, waiting for me, praying for me, fasting for me. Remembering all of this, I say to myself, since she loves me so much why shouldn’t I love her. Acknowledging her love, I pledge to love her with my eyes, mind and hands. So after the hard days work as I come home in the evening, she gets so exited at seeing me, hugging each other as we embrace each other. Feeling no guilt of sin in me for I sinned not against her, neither did I cheat on her. Looking at me in the eyes she beckons me to sit down. And even as she prepares the tea, I acknowledge her sacrificing nature towards me, complaining not even when she suffers so much. So the point is this: If we can be like that, why wont God be pleased? In all righteousness, we must honor the trust even as we prepare ourselves for eternity. Remember, love is a mission’ and it is only in love that we receive the satisfaction we desire. Trusting in God’s in God’s complete will, we have to desire perfection in our relationship with Christ.
Mark this, there is no hypocrisy , deceit or unfaithfulness in love. For love is holy and even as God is completely holy we have to strive towards perfection in holiness. The only key to holiness is the Holy Spirit and it is whom we must grieve not. Every church has to move on to a higher order, perfecting themselves in love, faith and purity. The love has to increase, the passion must be desired and most importantly God has to be loved most. This is a message from the Church of Holiness to every Church who has Christ in them. The spiritual churches will listen to what the Spirit says to the Churches.

Lines of intimacy to intimate lovers of Christ: As we begin this new year we desire to let the intimate powers of holiness connect the hearts of every sinner to Christ. In these last days we desire to see the emergence of new powerful leaders who will lead sinners to the next step of holiness through the power of the Holy Spirit. This year will indeed be a year of spiritual urgency and unless we take the next step of faith into the holy of holies, the result of our negligence will give rise to more calamities and greater judgments against us. Just to be intimate in holiness is what we desire and we trust we shall be connected in it when we stay connected in prayer. The decision to love and pray for each other is now and the fruits of the future will determine what we had been to each other. Love always trust. Love always connects. And this is just a link to what we will be in the future. Think of us and the sinners and we shall pray for you and the sinners. Let us be united in this and be linked in holiness. This is the new power of truth. Truth connects
N.B: This is written in honor of our members who are link to God and to us through the Holiness of Christ. Slaves, that is what we are of holiness and as we pursue righteousness, we desire to impact and transform lives through His Spirit. The lost will be found. As we continue in this we will remember all that we did for God, for each other and for the sinners. The moments of the present will become the memories for the future. God loves the Church of Christ.

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