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Slavery to Appetite

By EMN Updated: Jun 28, 2016 12:56 am

The tragedy in the world is not being destroyed by others. It is self-destruction. Many lives are ensnared by their own appetites. The unrestrained passions and cravings cave in a person’s lives. He is bounded and ultimately killed. The United Nations reports that 200,000 people die of drug abuse annually. Statistic also shows that smoking is responsible for nearly a half million deaths each year. Worldwide, tobacco use causes nearly 6 million deaths per year. That’s staggering! The addictions to tobacco, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, cigarettes and other substance abuse are killing families, society and nations. The health and wealth is also immensely affected because of the abuse of these unwanted substances.There is no quick fix from these harmful addictions but the person ought to take precautions before the clock ticks away… Millions of adults have become prey to alcohol and tobacco substances. Too many young people today are hooked on drinking alcohol, smoking and chewing tobacco. The packages warning the consumers of the ill-effects in the consumption of substances is a commendable effort by the government. Nevertheless, many seem to be less bothered by it. The poison is killing them but they are willing to swallow it without a slight qualm. It reveals the nasty influence of the addictive substances. On another common expression, our footpaths, bus-stops, hospitals and public places are all painted with grisly tobacco sputum. But who cares? That’s not our home. With that in mind, people are willing to sell their souls for their appetites. The enslavement of human appetite is ever wanting.
Humans have come a long way in invading and reaching heights that is rather outstanding. The knowledge and proficiency of handling technologies and machines has helped us in conquering the world. We want to be free from outside dominance but chained within to obey its lust and desires. We can trade our health for our momentary pleasures but deficient even then. Indeed, we have conquered the world but maybe, not ourselves! A young man in his thirties having the prospect of dominating the whole world was cut off very early. He was addicted to wine. He conquered empires but he failed to conquer himself. At the pinnacle of his influence and power with an empire that encompassed from Southern Europe to West Asia, Alexander the great died from drinking excessive wine. He suffered for less than two weeks and died a pitiable death.
Proverbs 25:28 says, “People who cannot control themselves are like cities without walls to protect them (ERV Bible).”

Vebu Khamo

By EMN Updated: Jun 28, 2016 12:56:12 am