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Simmering public discontent over VVIP attitude

By EMN Updated: Aug 05, 2013 2:54 pm


There is an apparent simmering discontent among the electorate in general primarily because they find it difficult to meet the ministers, parliamentary secretaries and MLAs for alleviation of their grievances.This news item is based on views, personal opinions of over a score of citizens cutting across the income earning divide as also political affiliations, according to interactions with them by Eastern Mirror over a period of two weeks. They have all requested anonymity but still pleaded that their views represent majority of the electorate.
Perhaps, one of the most exasperating factors is that people from all over the State even borrow a few thousand rupees to visit their legislators concerned but when they reach the official residence in Old Ministers Hills or new Ministers Hill in Kohima, they are more often than not confronted with “No Interview”. It is also not so easy to contact the VIP concerned on mobile phone for response as most numbers are not known to the VIPs.
One of the sources (perhaps speaking on behalf of many others) said not everyone visits the VVIPs concerned for financial assistance although there are no shortage of applicants in this connection. When they do finally meet the VVIP or even VIP they run short of money and whatever little they get is just enough to reach home in whichever part of the State but they still remain in debt.
On the other hand, every coin has two sides. Most legislators give certain days and timing to their visitors and as far as possible they do try to alleviate whatever it is that is adversely affecting them. Of course, no one is perfect and like all human beings even leaders of repute have their shortcomings but all said and done, almost all of them try to do justice to their roles in whatever capacity (portfolio) allotted to them.
One public leader (not political) lamented the invitations galore to VVIPs for any function be it students Golden or Silver Jubilees, other social functions in connection with festivals or sporting event. He was right in that Chief Secretary Alemtemshi Jamir has in a recent directive noted that VVIPs have been invited for this and that functions, with expectations of adequate or even substantial financial contributions.. Here, he suggested that in most cases, secretaries, directors or any other prominent citizen could be invited instead. Invitation to the media persons would be advantageous as they would publicize the event in the very next day’s papers.
Jamir’s suggestion was part of a wider concept of austerity measures in that foreign travel by officers of the State would also be curtailed unless they had to attend certain official functions pertaining to their departments. These would in the long run curtail unnecessary expenditures which had hitherto been used indiscriminately.
As for the general public they must also keep their appointments (when they get them) in time. A good number of people tend to be late for any function or appointment so much so that the timings have been labeled as Nagaland Standard Time. So, what it all boils down to is this: when you want something, be prepared to give equally in return also. Just try it and you will see that things will run smoother and with better results.

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