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Signs of Complication During Calving

By EMN Updated: Oct 24, 2018 1:02 am

Calving time is very important part in a cow life. Negligent of the expected cow by the farmer at the time of calving may sometime result in death of the new born calf or even the cow. The average pregnancy period of a cow is 278 days. Properly record the date of insemination and then calculate the expected date of calving which will help the farmer to be able to provide assistance at the time of calving, so as to minimize stress on the cow and the new born calf.

During calving sometime there are certain complications observed in a cow which may require the intervention of a veterinarian

Some of the complicated Signs during Calving are-

1. The water bag of the cow is visible for over 2 hours and nothing is progressing further
2. The cow is straining for over 30 minutes but making no progress
3. The cow had stopped straining
4. The cow is showing signs of excessive fatigue and lay down in recumbent position
5. Severe bleeding from birth canal before calving
6. Abnormal presentation like hind limb coming out first

The dairy farmers are advised to immediately consult a Veterinarian or visit the nearest Veterinary Health Centre for technical assistance to assist in the complicated calving and for further medication and treatment.

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By EMN Updated: Oct 24, 2018 1:02:01 am