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Significant time of doctors spent in executing health programmes

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Nov 30, 2023 11:26 pm
Significant time of doctors spent in executing health programmes
Dr. Tseilhoutuo Rhutso, V Kezo and members of NIDA during its annual conference and general body meeting at Hotel Japfu in Kohima on Thursday. (EM images)

KOHIMA — Elaborating that one of the primary goals of the Nagaland In-service Doctors’ Association (NIDA) was to promote medical sciences and medical education in the state, its president Dr. Bernard Amer stated that significant portion of a doctor’s time is consumed in executing and implementing centrally sponsored health programmes.

Dr. Amer stated this during NIDA’s annual conference and general body meeting held at Hotel Japfu in Kohima on Thursday.

“We find ourselves dedicating substantial efforts to completing these projects on time, often leaving minimal time for addressing our state-specific concerns. It is reiterated countless times that health is a state subject. If this holds true, we must advocate for better and more state-centric policies and projects,” he observed.

Considering the current scenario, he questioned as to when will kidney transplants commence in Nagaland.

“When can it initiate liver transplants? When will the state have the necessary manpower to establish a super-speciality hospital? These questions should serve as a collective reminder for all to work collaboratively towards achieving these goals,” he said.

Founded in 2007, the association today comprises 436 members, encompassing allopathic doctors and dentists employed by the department of Health and Family Welfare, irrespective of their employment status, whether regular or contractual.

While referring to the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation on doctor-to-population ratio at 1:1000, whereas it stands at a staggering 1:4056 in Nagaland, he stated that the association had communicated the urgent need for an increase in medical seats per year to the government. He further stated that NIDA has been advocating for an extension of the superannuation age of doctors to retain more manpower within the department.

The special guest of the event and legislator, Dr. Tseilhoutuo Rhutso, urged the members to recapture the support of the public through exemplary services. He stressed the importance of unity and brotherhood over tribalism to work for the betterment of society. He also urged the medical professionals to prioritise public service during duty hours.

On the doctor’s transfer and posting, he encouraged them to be willing to accept their transfers for the benefit of serving the people.

Addressing the conference as a special invitee, V Kezo, commissioner and secretary of Health and Family Welfare department, reminded that there are burning issues confronting the department that need to be addressed by sitting together and coming up with the best possible solution.

With the ‘good amount’ of about INR 200 crore being allocated to the department by the present-day government, he was hopeful that things would take a different turn. He stated that a lot of things are already happening, including the introduction of the Chief Minister Health Insurance Scheme (CMHIS), which is helping the citizens.

He further urged the NIDA members to set some key points of reference with regard to ethics and professionalism to keep a check on unethical practices.

“Unless NIDA sets certain norms and ethics for its members, it will struggle to stay relevant,” he said, calling for further deliberations in this regard.

The principal director of Health and Family Welfare department, Dr. Ritu Thurr, informed that NIDA has 284 male doctors and 151 female doctors, including 119 specialists and 316 general duties medical officers. He pointed out that there are 313 doctors short of the sanctioned post.

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By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Nov 30, 2023 11:26:14 pm
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