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Shürhozelie urges to promote culture

By Kohima Bureau Updated: Feb 01, 2018 12:31 am
Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu speaking at the AMK conference in Kohima on January 31.

Kohima Bureau
Kohima, Jan 31. (EMN): President of Ura Academy, Dr. Shürhozielie Liezietsu has insisted preserving and promoting one’s cultural identity and to stand firms on their roots.
Shürhozelie said this at the annual conference of the Angamimiapfü Mechü Krotho (AMK) cum dedication of its conference hall at AMK building, Kohima, on January 31. A dedicatory prayer was offered by Vimedo Keyho, pastor of CRC Chedema.
Speaking on the occasion Shürhozelie appreciated the hard work and able leadership of Angami womenfolk in the society today despite of their huge responsibility in the family as mother and wife.
Asserting on the importance of preserving and promoting one’s cultural identity and to stand firm on one’s roots, he urged the women folk to educate their children so that traditional values and cultural beliefs and practices are passed down.
Also lamenting the fact that the present generation speak mostly in Nagamese and English, Liezietsu opined that if the present trend continues there might come a day when some Naga tribes may lose their mother tongue or dialect. Therefore, he called upon the women to make efforts in teaching their children one’s own local dialect at home.
Stressing on the importance of one’s roots, Liezietsu said that if we forget all our past and only look at the future, things might go wrong. In this regard, he urged the gathering to look at the past and adopt the good practices and move towards the future.
Meanwhile, AMK has elected its new team of office bearers for the tenure 2018-20 led by Kevinourheno Seyie as president; Kevino Kuotsu and Alebu Sanchu as vice presidents; Shürheivino Nakhro as general secretary; Mengukhrienuo Kuotsu as joint secretary, Vakrale Naleo as treasurer; Videnuo Tsürho as finance secretary; Atole Khatso as property secretary and Ruokuoheü Miachieo as advisor.

By Kohima Bureau Updated: Feb 01, 2018 12:31:01 am