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Shurhozelie led NPF lauds ‘war footing’ action by Zeliang

By EMN Updated: Mar 09, 2015 12:01 am


The NPF led by Dr Shurhozelie while lauding the “necessary action on war footing” by Chief Minister T R Zeliang and Home Minister Y Patton in addressing the prevailing issue, has said that it is astonishing to observe the motive and approach of the ‘dissident’ NPF Noke and Kaito over this very unfortunate incident. “Chief Minister T.R. Zeliang and Home Minister Y. Patton, who rushed back from New Delhi and initiated necessary action on war footing is highly appreciated,” it added. The Shurhozelie group also said that considering the fact that they (20 NPF dissident legislators) are operating from a leisure centre within the Central Jail vicinity, their accusation and blame game is just a lame excuse to cover up the fact that they, as elected law makers, could have intervened and done a lot to help quell the situation, but which did not happen, as they chose to remain least bothered, fishing in the troubled waters and politicizing the unfortunate incident.
Meanwhile, the NPF led by Shurhozelie said the controversial rally imposed by the student body in Dimapur on March 5 is over, but with a lot of people thrown into quandary as to what really prompted the protestors going to the extreme act of taking law into their own hands, wherein the alleged rapist Sayed Farid Khan was lynched by mob, showing its ugly horn just to quench their thirst to award befitting punishment to the rapist without conscious volition. Though bandhs have been a long time bitter experience of this commercial hub, (Dimapur) it is most unfortunate that the totally unlawful act has exposed the immaturity of the students’ organization; with the damage on the Naga image being colossal in the eyes of the world, it added.
“The action taken by the mob/students was undeniably excessive, terrible and unlawful; and yet, are not those activists (students or mob) our children?,” it asked while further questioning, “If so, who, as a parent would have encouraged or willingly allowed the children to commit a wrong of such degree?” An inordinate amount of time and a great deal of efforts clubbed with true penance and Christian approach in condoning the excessive wrong perpetrated is unavoidable and the need of the hour, so as to regain our true image and position acceptable to all mankind, the statement said.
“Candidly speaking, Naga community and scores of Dimapurians of today are considerably a matured class (of people) who know what has happened, what is happening and who is doing what etc. and have earned a respectable recognition in the national level as well as on the global context, for their tolerance, accommodative spirit, hospitality and sense of maturity. Considering the hard earned fact that the denizens of Dimapur, irrespective of race, creed or colour have, as social beings, co-existed and lived in harmony for years on, the peculiar March 5 students’ action has only pulled the negative chord for the Nagas in the eyes of the people that calls for outright condemnation,” the statement said.
The group then expressed its sympathy for those injured and deceased during the incident and call upon the district administration, police, tribal organizations, DMC, Dimapur Chambers of Commerce, Dimapur district GBs association, and other organizations who have taken all precautions to avoid recurrence of any untoward incidents.

By EMN Updated: Mar 09, 2015 12:01:13 am