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Shurhozelie group gives ‘final call’ to legislators supporting Kaito

By EMN Updated: Jan 22, 2015 12:42 am


Shurhozelie led NPF has made a ‘final call’ to the legislators, party men and women particularly who are camping at ‘Sovima Rebel Camp’ to come and join ‘mainstream’ immediately before the ‘door is closed’. In a press note, the NPF (Shurhozelie group) alleged that with all available machineries and manufactured baseless propaganda the rebels are trying every means to dislodge the duly elected government and take over the legal party through backdoor.
“Bereft of reasonability and lack of procedural steps that requires to run government, the Dissident/ Rebel ring leaders are forcibly confining the legislators in their rebel camps restricting other upcoming Legislators from expressing their will in the interest of their electorates which is unfortunate for democratically elected representatives without their will,” it said.
The party is constrained to expose to the general mass of the state populace to reason and judge themselves as to who are ‘arrogantly misleading’ the upcoming legislators and party men and women with their cheap and unfounded propaganda to grab power, the statement added.
“Mr. Neiphiu Rio, the former chief minister and MP Lok-Sabha, Mr. Khekiho Zhimomi, MP Rajya-Sabha, Mr. G. Kaito Aye an ambitious Chief Ministerial candidate of rebel group and Mr Zhalieo Rio are matrimonial family members who are all out working to dislodge the government for their family rule,” the statement said. “Mr. Imkong L. Imchen and Mr Khekiho Zhimomi, Dr. Benjongliba all former ministers have their cases pending behind for their involvement in the different cases. Khekiho’s tenure as MP Rajya sabha is ending. Mr. Noke Konyak who refuses to lead the party when given chances during power transition in may 2014 is trying to act different as a puppet unrecognised party president spewing political venoms to central leaders. Mr. CM Chang, Mr. Kuzholuzo Nienu, Mr. Pangnyu Phom, Mr. Merentoshi Jamir, Mr. Zhalieo Rio Mr. Pukhayi Sumi, Mr. Imkong L. Imchen, Dr. Benjungliba are promised of cabinet berth under their mission impossible ministry.
Most of the upcoming MLAs and ex-party candidates were hoodwinked with all lucrative posts, in the impossible ministry which will never happen. Mr. N. Rio and Kaito are just working for their next general election package and nothing else. The road conditions of the state deteriorated under the ministership of G. Kaito Aye as PWD (R& B), the public is suffering today,” the statement of Shurhozelie led NPF further alleged.
The statement then pointed out that it is an open book for any sensible Naga people that the game played but the ‘rebel leaders’ will soon sink their ship with their entire package just to prepare for their next general election in 2018 as no amount of effort they put this time to pull down the NPF led DAN government under the ‘undisputed’ leadership of T.R Zeliang and ‘unshakeable’ presidentship of Dr. Shuhozelie Liezietsu.
It also said that toward finding tangible Naga political issues, the party has never deviated from its stand, however, the rebels, who have run the previous government with sufficient time, instead of questioning themselves are desperately trying to capitalise issue today to confuse the general mass. These rebels should answer to the Naga people themselves rather than pointing fingers to few months old government who is cleaning the dirty shits left by the predecessor, it stated.
“The Honorable Governor has been officially approached by the Cabinet decision for summoning of special session for confidence motion, which the rebel leaders are refusing to face for fear of being defeated in the floor of the house is strong indication of defeatist who still makes un-necessary loud noise. Just to keep their flock together, the parallel illegitimate meetings are called to and write-ups countering the Party Central office with copy paste of Central office stand, just to further claim their illogical legitimacy which will be cleared in few days,” it added.
According to the statement, there can be no other way to resolve this impasse outside the floor of house, no matter how much the rebel leaders try to manufacture all concocted lies to keep their flock together will end up either disqualifying themselves or vote in favour of party to save their own seat and work for their respective constituencies. The effort of rebel group to form government outside the floor of the house will simply remain a dream, it further said.
“The rebel group pointing their swollen fingers to state government being under financial crunch is the creation of rebel leader when they were in power. It is true that the state government is facing acute financial problems which have been inherited from Neiphiu Rio’s government while state is reeling under such conditions Mr. N. Rio and G. Kaito group are lavishly spending crores of rupees buying party men and women at Sovima rebel camp and Niathu Resort. With the fourteenth Finance Commission to be effective by April 1, 2015, this power, money mongers are trying to grab power by hook or crook means to crush the aspiration of common people, which the party will not allow but shall defend at any cost,” the Shurhozelie group also alleged.
The statement then said the Central leadership of the NPF party strongly feel that the present crisis has indeed strengthen the fabric of party principle and tested the quality of leadership amongst the party workers and consider it as blessing in disguise for Naga people to filter out the rotten element from the public domain. The party shall win its stand principle at the appropriate platform and promised to deliver better governance with visionary and clean legislator at hand ready to take off in the next few days, it said.
“The party solicits the general Naga public not to panic or be swayed away by the false political prophets who are barking at their own shadows of corruptions for their selfish position. The party foresees that the better days are coming for cleaner and effective governance as most the power mongers will be voted out in the floor of house very soon,” it added.

By EMN Updated: Jan 22, 2015 12:42:58 am