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Shitilong SA defeats Sports Society Suyim, enters quarters

By EMN Updated: Oct 15, 2015 11:01 pm

Walunir Ritsung Artang defeats Youngster’s FC

Mokokchung, October 15

Shitilong Sports Association today defeated Sports Society Suyim in an exciting match in the last legs of the XXI MDFA Trophy 2015 by a lone goal and thereby advancing into the quarter finals from Pool C. Shitilong SA with two wins and one drawn match has emerged as the toughest team from Pool C and one of the favorites to win the tournament.
The Shitilong SA and Sports Society Suyim, which was the second match of the day, was played in a packed Imkongmeren Sports Complex which was filled with supporters from both the teams. The lone goal for the Shitilong SA arrived in the opening minutes, when a Shitilong SA striker was improperly brought down by a Suyim defender inside the D-Box. A penalty kick was announced by the referee, and Shitilong SA’s midfield, Lipoksashi (jersey no 9) took the penalty kick. With pressure mounting from the spectators, Lipoksashi struck home the goal.Thereafter, with the match in favor of Shitilong SA, there was a vigorous counterattack from the Suyim. But, the Shitilong defense was too formidable to breach. At the second half, the Sports Society Suyim continued their relentless campaign to equalize the goal, while the Shitilong SA, reassured of a berth at the quarters, played defensive. The ball possession was in favor of Suyim, and their star player, midfielder Osen (jersey no 8) made some wonderful maneuvers, and the Suyim strikers made some serious attempts, but to no avail. The Shitilong goalkeeper also saved some critical shots from the Suyim strikers. The Suyim’s counterattack was relentless, but as the referee blew the final whistle, the scored ended 1-0, with Shitilong easily sailing into the quarter finals.
Just as the second match was exciting, the first match between Youngster’s FC and Walunir Ristsung Artang was lackluster. Walunir, assured of a berth at the quarters from Pool B, played easily with the Youngster’s team. Barely minutes after the match started, the Walunir scored the first goal in the 2nd minute. The Youngster’s defenses were lacking and the Walunir midfield easily breached the defenses, and a helpless goalkeeper could not save the goals at the 9th and 10th minutes of the first half.
The second half was also completely dominated by the Walunir. The game was slow. But as the minutes passed by, Walunir team scored another two goals at the 41st and 67th minutes. It was a one sided match in the truest sense. With this win, Walunir Ritsung Artang enters the quarters, and will meet the NU Lumami (PGSU-L) in the first quarter final match of the tournament on Saturday, October 17, 2015.

By EMN Updated: Oct 15, 2015 11:01:26 pm