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Senior police officers train in fake currency detection

By Mirror Desk Updated: May 30, 2019 12:18 am
A participant examines a currency note at a counterfeit currency-detection workshop for police officers, on May 29 at Chumukedima in Dimapur.

Eastern Mirror Desk
Dimapur, May 29: A workshop that sought to teach senior police officers how to detect counterfeit Indian currency notes was held on May 29 at Chumukedima in Dimapur.

The resource person for the workshop was Wasim Ansari, a manager at the Reserve Bank of India at Guwahati. He led the session with an in-depth analysis about how to differentiate fake notes from genuine currencies.

Ansari showed the police officers the minute details of detecting fake currency notes and the steps that are to be taken after one detects a counterfeit note.

Commissioner of Dimapur police, Limasunep Jamir also spoke at the programme. He called counterfeit money as an “age old practice” but now being manifested differently in the modern times.

“If a country generates a black economy, there will be an imbalance to monetary policies in the long run,” Jamir explained. Taking the examples of terrorism and narco-terrorism, the officer said all these operate from counterfeit currency. He explained that the objective of the demonetisation in India was to counter black money.

“It is important that right from the local level, all should be sensitised and can distinguish between fake and real notes,” Jamir said.

By Mirror Desk Updated: May 30, 2019 12:18:26 am