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Semper Soul preview night at Jumping Beans

By EMN Updated: Nov 29, 2013 12:26 am

Eat your heart out, Kohima. We heard them first, we saw them first and, most definitely, we have loved them first. You can have your Hornbill jamboree, but on Thursday evening we had Semper Soul- the band of musicians scheduled to perform during the Hornbill fest.
Yes, the preview was at Jumping Beans, Dimapur on Thursday evening. The band is scheduled to hit the stage during the Hornbill fest on December 3 next.
Comprised of a “diverse group of professional musicians that seeks to stay true to their soul roots while always looking for the chance to set new standard for their generation’s soul sound”, the group from Boston, USA, has been billed as one of the top attractions of the year’s edition of Hornbill festival.
On Thursday, the group performed to a sparse yet noisy crowd, consisting mainly of musicians from the local circuit. Their set included covers of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson et al as well as their own originals.
Semper Soul consists of Sentirenla Lucia as vocalist, Tris Coffin on guitar, Sara Pena Coffin on bass, Chris Dzengelewski on drums and Eric Lane on keyboard.

By EMN Updated: Nov 29, 2013 12:26:39 am