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Seminar on peace forums conducted for Viola colony members

By EMN Updated: Aug 27, 2019 11:32 pm

Dimapur, Aug. 27 (EMN): Peacemaking group Peace Channel conducted a seminar for members of Viola colony in Dimapur. The objective of the seminar was to ‘strengthen the local capacities for peace and enabling the community members to act for peace,’ a press release from the organisers stated on Tuesday.

The community members of Viola colony formed a group called People’s Forum for Peace organised by Peace Channel on August 26. A total of 70 people attended the workshop, the updates stated.

Vitono Gugu Haralu of Peace Channel was the resource person of the event. She spoke on the need for peace makers in the society. She said anybody who wants peace for others as well as the individual can become the channel of peace.

She stated that if there is any conflict in a family, especially among the parents, children are the ones that are affected the most and are traumatised by it, which has its own side effects and children grow up following their elders, repeating and causing the same problems. She also added how anger can be easily transferred from one individual to other, then to family, clan, and village and to the society.

The speaker said, ‘We live in a global community with different tribes and villages. If any major conflict arises among the tribes it also affects us individuals where we tend to follow and support our own people without knowing the root cause of the problem.’

‘Peace is much needed in our community and within us and it can start through love and by trusting one another and peace can be prevail only when the community members have the zeal to work on the conflicts and have the urge to resolve only then there will be peace.’

The participants at the programme at the event also shared their views, and also spoke about their doubts regarding the workshop and its importance, the press release stated.

“The members and the elders of viola colony expressed their gratitude towards this program and are in immense need of PFP. They have unanimously decided to form a peace forum in their area with further meeting,” the updates stated.

By EMN Updated: Aug 27, 2019 11:32:33 pm