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Seluophe-Kiyeto village junction road unattended for over 10 yrs.

By EMN Updated: Oct 02, 2020 3:44 pm
The road between Seluophe and Kiyeto village in deplorable condition.

Dimapur, Oct. 2 (EMN): The Urra Area Villages Union (UAVU) has expressed resentment at the Public Work Department (PWD) for its lackadaisical attitude towards the plight of the public.

In a press release issued on Thursday, the union stated that the Doyapur road which connects Dimapur town with Peren district and served as a main lifeline to more than 20 villages is in a deplorable condition and the stretch from Seluophe to Kiyeto village junction has ‘turn from bad to worst over the past few days as small cars find difficult to ply’.

Despite several reminders to the concerned department, the union said the road from Seluophe to Kiyeto village junction remains unattended for more than 10 years.

Time and again, it stated that the union had initiated renovation works by way of driving voluntary donation from well-wishers to reach Dimapur town to avail basic needs.

‘With the onset of Monsoon rain, the union reminded the department to at least fill the large potholes in several portion with sand gravel even if it cannot mend the smooth black topping at present. However, the department asserted that it has no resources to do,’ it stated.

“The union wonder how the department can easily refurnished some VIP colony road even though smooth for sailing but the road like Doyapur road which served many villages to remain worse despite several appeals. The union, thus question the integrity of the people’s government,” it read.

With no positive response from the concerned department, the UAVU has resolved to once again repair the roads through voluntary donations from well-wishers and road users.

By EMN Updated: Oct 02, 2020 3:44:21 pm