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Self-taught Naga artist carves his mark at Hornbill Festival

By Our Correspondent Updated: Dec 08, 2019 10:53 pm

Our Correspondent Kisama, Dec. 6 (EMN): A variety of things are being sold at the ongoing Hornbill festival in Kisama from foods, accessories, clothes, arts and crafts, attracting tourists from across the globe.

Eastern Mirror spoke to one such vendor named Rakovi S Luckyson of Poumai tribe, who came to the festival to sell his relief carvings. He said that this is his second time at the festival and maintained: “The biggest difference between last year and this year is that my skills have improved.”

He stated that he has been interested in arts, painting and carvings since his childhood days and would always keep himself busy by carving small animals on wood with a knife. He, however, became a fulltime carver only last year after working at a call centre in Delhi, said Luckyson.

He took time to take up crafting as a fulltime job because he was ‘searching for the right kind of art’—ultimately settling on relief carvings.

A relief carving is a sculpture with figures that protrude from background while still being attached to it.

He said that it takes three to five weeks to finish a work or portrait. “To be craftsmen you need to have patience and not try to finish early. You have to take it slow and steady so that you will not make mistakes,” Lukyson shared.  

He also stated that this year he was able to finish five relief carvings and his works are mostly based on cultural images, adding that he carves human portraits when people order.

He buys wood from the local sawmills.

Luckyson said that he is self-taught and sometimes uses YouTube videos to improve his skills.

He also mentioned that by coming to the festival, people will recognise his work more and shared that he is receiving orders from visitors across the country.

One of his relief carving work, ‘Last of the Headhunter’ has already been sold for INR 70,000, Luckyson informed.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Dec 08, 2019 10:53:22 pm