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Self-Acclaimed Associations of Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Jul 27, 2022 10:09 pm

I wonder how different groups with different motives form different associations and want to dominate others either by trying to be independent or by placing themselves as the apex body to solve Naga issues. All ventures are good but not at the expense of disintegrating society selfishly.

The emergence of excessive associations in Nagaland is becoming a menace to society. Every association wanted to be on the top list. Even the oldest man and woman find consolation by being a member of one or two associations. As a human, there is no denial of the need for recognition. However, such desire is stronger in some people. They wanted to be acclaimed at the forefront of society. People with this personality grow like wild beasts in society. They must be tamed and controlled failing which they might eat up their friends, neighbours and the association itself.

The dominating attitude is all that matters for most Nagas. Some associations wanted to dominate the world with might and power. They depict themselves as working ceaselessly for Naga society. They hold meetings after meetings to make themselves appear even more important. They want to be more Nagas than the rest of the Nagas. They want to have a greater say in all issues. But they exist only as another thorn for society. They work for Nagas in the opposite direction! Their birth is unclean. Most associations emerged because they could not digest their food under someone. They wanted to be the boss of their own life to solve Naga’s issues for eternity.

Nagas have seen numerous diluted clashes of associations internally and externally. Some of them are the best living examples. Internal clashes occur when one group wanted to be right at all seasons. My association, my tribe, and my people must dominate others either silently or arrogantly. If an issue favours their tribe, the members will make sure that they win at all costs even to the extent of declaring a non-cooperation movement to its association. Conversely, the same group can lend long helping hands to people of the same feather even if it is ethically and socially wrong. They know whom to hide and whom to expose. This makes most associations disintegrate, and not worthy of trust. Some groups within the group are the worst enemy of the group. They know when to wake and sleep. They know when to roar and when to be silent. Continuous selfish games within the association are still at work even today. I appreciate their unity for disunity.

Today, we have come to a state where hundreds of associations wanted to be at the forefront of changing the face of Nagaland. They wanted to solve Naga issue through their doors and windows. However, they cannot face each other for a common cause. At every juncture, they disintegrate instead of uniting stronger to face the enemy. There is a rush of association towards a blind destiny. Some groups exist under the aegis of the bigger united body only to hide their weaknesses and fox-like personality.

There is no higher or lower association. Social status is not determined by the number of meetings, lengthy historical public speeches or self-acclaimed position. No association should turn the future of Nagas into a stormy island. They must stop pretending to be the sole guardians of Naga society. If any association cannot work together with others, they should keep their flame inside their house to light up their own family. Let no association bring injury to Naga society.

Do not form new association/s to solve Naga issues. Why? Later, some people will have to form another association to solve your issues. Moreover, some members may walk out to form another association as a result of differences in opinion. It can be coloured by tribes, regions or political affiliation. Associations and Naga political groups are competing in number to solve the lone pending issues. Stop the show! Nagas have enough issues to solve for generations. All associations are great in themselves, but only a few are trustworthy.

A common vision can only bring about a common platform for Nagas. Nagas must learn to sit together as equals rather than giving birth to numerous unworthy associations which are heretic in nature. I believe Nagaland could progress justly and rightly on time if all fake associations cease to exist. Beware of fake associations! Promote the right, demote the wrong.

Rev. Fr. G. L. Khing

By EMN Updated: Jul 27, 2022 10:09:16 pm