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SDO(C), Ahthibung: Forgotten or Ignored?

By EMN Updated: Oct 27, 2018 11:18 pm

It is almost a year that the longtime ignored EAC office of Ahthibung in the thirty fifth year, was upgraded to SDO(Civil) on the 19th of December, 2017 by the Government of Nagaland.

However, the irony is that, no official in the rank of SDO(Civil) has been posted till today. There has been several notification by the Government of Nagaland with regard to the posting/transfer/promotion of government officers of the state during the year but in no where, can I find any officer being posted to Ahthibung as SDO(C). Rather, in the latest notification by the department of Personal and Administrative Reforms on the 26th October, 2018, the EAC of Zalukie has been assigned to hold extra charge of Ahthibung which has already been upgraded to SDO(C).

The geographical area and populace to be looked after by the Government administrative head of Ahthibung Sub Division will probably be not an easy task (I believe), as it has to look after more than thirty villages, where some are in the border line of Assam; Intangki National Park; a very often disturbed belt. Therefore, looking at the non posting of an officer in the rank of an SDO(C) to Ahthibung even after up gradation, raises a big question: Is it forgotten or Ignored? Are the people of this sub division a lesser citizens who can be looked after from another sub division?

Richard Haolai

By EMN Updated: Oct 27, 2018 11:18:56 pm