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SCERT Nagaland gets English language lab

By EMN Updated: Apr 22, 2014 11:53 pm


A Language Lab was installed in the English Language Training Institute (ELTI) located at the State Council of Educational Research & Training (SCERT) Nagaland, Kohima, on Tuesday. The installation of the English language lab is a step to enhance the training of teachers in their communication skills so that they could teach the language effectively and correctively in schools.
The English Language Lab was officially inaugurated by the Commissioner and Secretary for School Education & SCERT, M Patton. In his speech, Patton pointed out that Nagaland being one of the few states in India where English is used as the official language, correct teaching of English and usage is very important. Laying emphasis that English language teachers need to be careful while teaching students, he opined that the people should try their best to speak and write correct English though it is not their mother-tongue. Patton expressed appreciation to the staff of SCERT for maintaining a good standard with many dedicated staff to promote improvement of English language in the state.
Director SCERT, Vipralhou Kesiezie, has voiced optimism that the installation of the language lab will go a long way to help both the language teachers as well as the students. Like the Commissioner and Secretary, Kesiezie, also stated that Nagaland is a state where English is used as the medium of instruction, right from Class-I. “In the absence of any other alternative we are compelled to transact the entire teaching-learning process through English where we face a lot of limitations,” he said.
Therefore, the improvement of communication skills in English is a priority for teachers as well as for the students, he asserted, adding that without a strong command in the language skills, no good learning will take place. The official observed that learning English is an empowerment for one to have access to good universities and employment.Kesiezie also explained that the software installed in the new language lab is the Premium Edition of the Orell Digital Language Lab (ODLL), which comes equipped with one instructor module and ten student modules. He said the software comes in three different levels- Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced- with an array of features including pronunciation (words and sounds), phonetics (theory & practice), communicative English, monologues, comprehension, errors in spoken English, essential grammar, dialogues, idioms and phrases etc.
Following the inauguration, Dr. Imlienla Imchen, demonstrated the language lab to those present at the programme while two students shared their experiences of the lab.
Presently, the English Language Training Institute at the SCERT, Kohima has 27 trainees in- service teachers.

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