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Thursday, May 23, 2024

SC Jamir urges Naga youth to break free from the past, forge a unified future

By EMN Updated: May 07, 2024 11:46 pm
SC Jamir
Dr. SC Jamir and others releasing the jubilee souvenir at Lumami on Tuesday.

DIMAPUR — At the Nagaland University Students’ Union (NUSU) Silver Jubilee celebration on Tuesday, former Chief Minister and Governor Dr. SC Jamir urged the younger generation to transcend the limitations of the past and work towards a unified future for the Naga people.

Speaking on the theme ‘Legacy of Excellence: 25 Years of Triumph’, Dr. Jamir drew a stark contrast between the current political landscape and the ideals of the Naga National Council (NNC) during its formative years.

Describing the present political scenario as a “pitiful and shameful caricature” of the vision, ideals, and beliefs held by the founding fathers, Dr. Jamir said the current landscape in Nagaland vividly reflects the adage, “a blind man leads the other blind men.”

Addressing students at the I Ihoshe Kinimi Hall in Lumami, Dr. Jamir emphasised the need for a shift in mindset. He observed that despite the evolution of today’s world, the minds of Naga leaders remain entrenched in the past, highlighting the necessity for the younger generation to adopt a different mindset, one that is forward-thinking and not fixated on historical grievances.

He further expressed that the Nagas are currently divided, primarily engaging in mutual criticism. Calling for introspection and retrospection, he advised against relentless criticism of the government, and instead, advocated for forgiveness and unity among the Naga people.

He encouraged the younger generations to refrain from blindly following leaders who are fixated on the past, urging them instead to analyse, examine, and constructively shape a new future for the Nagas. He emphasised the importance of speaking the truth and following one’s convictions, and called for a transformative approach of waging a righteous battle with the weapons of love, reconciliation, and unity.

According to an update, the event also featured addresses by Prof. Jagadish Patnaik, Vice Chancellor of Nagaland University, and Chubalemba Chang, former NUSU (L) president and UPSC rank holder.

Prof. Patnaik congratulated NUSU on its 25th anniversary and expressed optimism about the future of Nagaland and its university. He also commended Dr. Jamir’s dedication to the state’s development and encouraged students to contribute to the nation’s progress, highlighting the immense potential of India’s youth.

In his note of achievement, Chubalemba Chang credited Nagaland University for its role in his education and leadership development. Reflecting on his journey, he emphasised the importance of perseverance and consistency in achieving success and urged students to take responsibility for the university’s welfare and progress.

Further, the chief guest released the jubilee souvenir and the choir presented the jubilee song ‘Legacy of Excellence’.

By EMN Updated: May 07, 2024 11:46:47 pm
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