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Sunday, June 16, 2024

SBBN appeals to conserve biodiversity

By EMN Updated: May 21, 2024 9:21 pm

DIMAPUR — As the world is set to observe ‘International Day of Biodiversity’ on May 22 on the theme “Be part of the biodiversity plan,” the State Biodiversity Board Nagaland (SBBN) appealed to the people of Nagaland to conserve biodiversity.

An update from SBBN stated that ‘The conservation plan’ campaign was aimed at communicating and promoting the 4 goals and the 23 targets of the Kunming–Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework launched on December 19, 2023.

“For achieving the 4 goals and the 23 targets of the biodiversity conservation, we must all come together and work across borders, sectors and disciplines to protect, conserve and sustainably utilise biodiversity, which will result in restoring ecosystem and bringing back the balance of nature,” SBBN stated.

It stated that Nagaland, despite its small size, boasts of a remarkably rich biodiversity comprising diverse forests, flora and fauna. It added that positioned in the global biodiversity hotspot of the Indo-Malayan region and the Eastern Himalayan endemic bird area, Nagaland’s unique ecological features stem from varied climatic conditions, elevation gradients, and vegetation types.

It went on to stated that Nagaland harbours over 2,400 species of angiosperms, 9 gymnosperms species and more than 360 species of orchids including rare varieties like the Tiger orchid.

With a significant portion of its forests being community-owned, the local population holds a crucial role in biodiversity conservation, it stated.

SBBN has appealed to all the village authorities, biodiversity management committees, civil society organisations, youth and women organisations, students and teachers, police and paramilitary forces, government and NGOs and all other stakeholders to come forward for biodiversity conservation to address issues of climate change, global warming, ecological, water, food security and also to ensure availability of biological resources for future generation.

By EMN Updated: May 21, 2024 9:21:35 pm
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