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SASU conference underway

By EMN Updated: Jan 30, 2017 12:00 am

Dimapur, Jan. 29: A three-day 67th biennial general conference of Southern Angami Students’ Union (SASU) got underway at St. Paul School, Phesama, on the theme ‘Be an asset, not a liability.’
Addressing the inaugural session of the conference on Saturday as the main speaker, former MLA, Dr. Dietho-o Yhoshü implored upon the students to embrace and celebrate three things- Learning, Nature and Life.
“Short and simple, yet profound…All great men have done that. The love for these three can usher in balance, order, rhythm and harmony in your lives,” he stated.
Maintaining that learning is a life-long process with no ‘age bar’ and that it is life’s greatest opportunity, he called upon all to try in learning something new each day. He also talked about learning through failures or problems saying, ‘these setbacks are mere checks and balances on one’s way.’ Stating that the quest for knowledge is insatiable, he said the more one learns his/her appetite to learn will grows.While remarking that he himself, a septuagenarian, loved to learn, he lamented that he started rather late. Towards this, the speaker said students are full of energy and zest adding they can and must outshine him and his generation.
Yhoshü also highlighted on the need to love life and to live it well by taking care of its four dimensions- physical, mental, social and spiritual. He exhorted that life is too short to be small. He further encouraged the youth to make their lives great and meaningful through the divine service of loving life. He said every person is a student all through their adding mistakes and failures are common as no one comes out perfect or ideal. The important thing, according to him, is to take heart and make midway or mid-course corrections.
“In you, the past and the future meet. Love learning, love nature, love life and make your world better for having come this way at this time. When you do, our future is in good hands,” he told the gathering. He maintained that these three aspects provide a firm foundation on which, with grit, tiny pushes and pulls can move one’s world towards envisioned goals.
SAGOK president, Nosazol Charles sent out a strong message that the people, including students, need to start thinking and planning for sustainability. He reminded that our forefathers were hardworking and independent, and underscored that the present generation should emulate these qualities and work towards sustainability and do away with parasitic behaviour of the present trend of seeking to earn and do things in an easy way.
Angami Students’ Union (ASU) president, Dievi Yano, while delivering greetings, called upon the students’ community to uphold the mother tongue and identity
SASU president Teisovi Thorie highlighted that the organisation has set up a new vision to bring positive changes in the society. He added that the conference was being held in responds to the call of its members to become assets and not liabilities. The conference will conclude on Sunday.

By EMN Updated: Jan 30, 2017 12:00:50 am