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Sangtams in Dimapur, Mokokchung celebrate Mongmong festival

By EM Bureau Updated: Sep 03, 2022 10:10 pm
Mongmong festival Copy
Members of the Phelungre Union Kiphire Town presenting folk dance on the occasion of Mongmong festival celebration in Kikhrürüzha colony on Saturday.

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Dimapur/Mokokchung, Sep. 3 (EMN): Kiphire Area Sangtam Union Dimapur (KASUD) celebrated ‘Mongmong,’ a premier festival of the Sangtam Naga hosted by NPSC secretary, John Tsulise Sangtam, at his residence in Kikhrürüzha colony, Chümoukedima, on September 3.

Delivering the welcome address, the NPSC secretary thanked the union for allowing him to host the festival and welcomed all the participants and individuals especially to those who have come from Kiphire district to be part of the event.

Speaking on the significance of Mongmong festival, T Setsathong informed that Sangtams have about twelve festivals spread over the calendar year and Mongmong is one of the most important festivals.

According to Setsathong, Mongmong festival, which means togetherness forever, is religiously observed every year for six days. The objective was to seek a bountiful harvest for which the villagers have toiled throughout the year.

He has explained in detail the sequence of events beginning with “jangshika,” which is observed on the first day and continued on the second day, followed with “müsüyangtüp” on the third day.

He also explained the activities performed on the fourth day called “kikhalangpi” followed by “shihlang wüba” on the fifth day and culmination of the celebration on the sixth day called “aka singkihthsa,” which marked the start of harvest.

The celebration witnessed performances of traditional women folk dance and men folk dance presented by Phelungre Union Kiphire Town (PUKT).

Short speech was delivered by DGM of NST Kohima, Thomas Kiutsangmong, while the vote of thanks was delivered by president of Kiphire Village Union Dimapur, Selipa.

The Sangtam community in Mokokchung also celebrated Mongmong festival with gaiety at Multi-sports Complex in Mokokchung town on Saturday. The festival was hosted by Sangtam Union Mokokchung Town (SUMT) where leaders from different communities, civil society leaders, in-laws and a host of dignitaries from district administration joined in the celebration.

Speaking on the occasion, the Ao Senden president, Chubawati Longchar, stated that our culture and tradition are not about wearing of rich traditional attires, traditional dances and songs but it includes food habits and way of life which encompasses our identity.

As the rich customary practices and culture are inherited from the forefathers, he encouraged them to preserve and promote them. On the occasion, he also called upon the parents to teach their mother tongue to their children, which according to him is their identity.

Dr. Likhase Sangtam spoke on the significance of Mongmong. He said the festival is celebrated every year for six days.

Longdiba Sangtam, SDO (C) Mokokchung; president of Eastern Nagaland People’s Union Mokokchung; and Rajet, president of SUMT, also spoke at the event.

The celebration was marked by displays of traditional fire making, top spinning, folk dance and songs by various groups.

By EM Bureau Updated: Sep 03, 2022 10:10:48 pm
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