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Sangtam community celebrates Mongmong fest in Kohima, Dimapur

By EMN Updated: Sep 03, 2014 11:37 pm

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The Sangtam community residing in Kohima today celebrated its premier festival “Mongmong” with traditional fervour and gaiety under the aegis of Sangtam Union Kohima at Highland Park, near IG Stadium.
Minister for Power Kipili Sangtam said Sangtam, as one of the richest and most colourful tribes from Kiphire district have 12 festivals of which Mongmong is considered to be the most important of all.
The minister said the “Mongmong” meaning “Togetherness forever” is celebrated for six days from September 1 to 6 every year. Each of these six days holds special significance for the Sangtam community. The pre-dominant theme of Mongmong is to hark on the harvest season and invoke upon “Lijaba” the Supreme Being for a bountiful harvest, prosperity and longevity, he said.
Kipili said the festival commences after the second announcement /proclamation by the “Bebürü” (A priest from the Anar clan). The first announcement denotes the separation of the spirit of the death from the living and the rituals continue throughout the festival.
With the advent of Christianity, these ancestral beliefs are no longer in practiced, he said adding that as time passes all these traditions are forgotten and slowing fading away. It is only during the Mongmong festival, that the beliefs of these traditions and customs are rekindled to the present generation through folklores, he said.
Chaired by Tsathrongla Levi, the celebrations commenced with invocation by Rev. Y. Imtiba, Pastor SBLK while welcome address was delivered by president SUK Seopi and Festival Convener Amongba tendered the vote of thanks. Associate Pastor (Youth) Yangthsingli said the benediction.
The celebration witnessed cultural songs from Sahkhi Thüyeh, Amahator area, Longkhim ko Chare area, Seyochung area and Sangtam Women Cultural Society Kohima while the menfolk also participated in tug of war and greased bamboo climbing. The celebration concluded with a grand feast.
Parliamentary Secretary Tovihoto Ayemi and Advisor & MLA Naiba Konyak also joined the celebration.

By EMN Updated: Sep 03, 2014 11:37:01 pm