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Sabotage of ACAUT signature campaign

By EMN Updated: Oct 29, 2013 11:56 pm

ACAUT solicits NSCN (M) cooperation for Oct 31 rally

Staff Reporter

FORCES engaged to hijack the ACAUT-led mass campaign against unabated taxation and illegal collection struck twice within the last 24 hours to destroy at least 20-30 banners/flexes hung around the Clock Tower on which more than ten thousand supporters of the campaign had appended their names and signatures.The treacherous act was first committed late Monday night, though accurate information with regards to the timing of the crime could not be established. Incidentally, some military personnel were conducting a security check at Dhobinulla police point at around 10.30 pm on Tuesday.
On Wednesday morning ACAUT members, as well as the whole populace of the state, woke up to the shocking piece of news in which the NSCN (IM) had “decided to disallow” the ACAUT Public Rally scheduled on October 31 next.
The NSCN (IM) had added that it would initiate further necessary steps or measures to obstruct such anti-national designs to murder the long struggle for the national cause.
Again, at around 4.30 pm on Wednesday, those “anti-Naga elements” were reported to have destroyed the new banners/flexes put up in the same place. Their identity still remains a mystery. In the meanwhile, some members of ACAUT, through social media, have blamed the twin act of vandalism on “anti-Naga elements.”
Following the incidents, Dimapur district administration and police have deployed security forces around the Clock Tower area. SP Dimapur VZ Angami told Eastern Mirror that police forces were sent to the area immediately after he was informed of the developments.
He also assured that security would be provided during the rally on October 31 next. “We live in a democratic country and we all of us have our rights. So, yes, we will give security during the rally,” he said.

ACAUT responds
The Action Committee against Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) on Tuesday issued a clarification to the NSCN (IM) stating it was not “against the Naga political solution or against the Naga movement. It is not opposed to any of the Naga Political Groups (NPGs) as is being made out nor is it against any organizations and individuals.”
“It is however against a system which has diluted the peoples mandated movement of its sheen and mass support much to the dismay and angst of the Naga people,” read an e-mailed statement today.
“Unabated taxation is affecting every strata of society and consequently the emotional appeal of the Naga movement for sovereignty is being undermined. ACAUT has done nothing but appeal to the leaderships of the NPGs to rein in wayward cadres and put its house in order.”
It pointed out that the August 30 memorandum submitted to the Chief Minister had asked the state government “to set its house in order.” The state government’s “refusal to acknowledge” the same has forced the ACAUT to go ahead with its program on October 31, the statement informed.
“The ACAUT sincerely wishes that an honorable political solution is found for the Naga nation. The ACAUT would also like to tell the Indian government and its paramilitary forces that it strongly condemns interference in matters which are purely the internal kitchen matters of the Naga family.
“That the Assam Rifles chose to take advantage of family dispute and surround Hebron Camp is most condemnable and an act of betrayal. This action has jeopardized the job of the ACAUT and periled the lives of its members for which the Assam Rifles shall be responsible. The ACAUT appeals to the Indian government that in the interest of peace, this provocation be stopped immediately.”
Also reasoning that the “cry of the common man being undeniable”, the ACAUT statement said that the proposed Public Rally on October 31 would go per schedule. It requested the NSCN (IM) to extend “cooperation for the rally.”
In a separate press release, the ACAUT appealed all the educational institutions in Dimapur to close down on October 31 next “to show solidarity to the Public Awareness Rally and also enable the students to attend the rally.”

Business Association of Nagaland
The Business Association of Nagaland (BAN) has appealed its members to attend the October 31 Public Rally. A press note from the BAN called the twin act of vandalism as “immaturity of individuals” while maintaining that “tearing down the banners will not silence the voices of the general public.”

Naga Mothers’ Association
The Naga Mothers Association (NMA) has expressed “serious concern over the information that appear in the local dailies on 29th October 2013 banning the proposed ACAUT public rally by NSCN (I-M).”
While extending appreciation to both the NSCN (I-M) and ACAUT for their concern and efforts in trying to bring about protecting the interest of the Nagas, the NMA called upon all to exhibit large heartedness and a spirit of accommodation towards any step in the right direction that deserves support and cooperation from all section of the Naga society.
It appealed the “GPRN to reconsider their resolution adopted on 28th October 2013 banning the proposed rally of the ACAUT scheduled to be held on 31st October 2013.” The NMA also appealed “both the parties to give each other a space and if there is any misunderstanding in between, to resolve it through dialogue to maintain peace and bring about amicable solution to this imbroglio.”

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