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SAAYOD lends support to ACAUT

By EMN Updated: Jul 31, 2013 12:19 am

Dimapur, July 30 

The accusations and counter statements arising out of the debate on the issue of unabated “illegal taxation” is being played out in public domain.
While for reasons best known to the Naga Public Organizations few have come forward to express their views one way or the other.But the Suruhuto Asuto Area Youth Organization Dimapur (SAAYOD) has acknowledged the  ACAUT for its task carrying out for the “interest of general public fighting against multiple illegal taxation and dealership/syndicates system imposing on public and businessmen by all the Underground groups.”
A press release issued by SAAYOD president Kiyezhe Shikhu and general secretary Ikato Y Kiho today expressed shock at the “warning notice” issued by NSCN-IM to ACAUT through the print media.
The SAAYOD appealed for pragmatism and understanding on the path of the Naga National organizations about the grievances put forth by ACAUT representing all civil societies. The release added that the taxation collection imposed was “unbearable” for the Naga.The youth body explained that the ACAUT, with the mandate of all the Naga civil societies and supported by the public, is trying to check the menace of this illegal taxation by the factions. “Imposing taxation and demanding will bring hatred in our society,” it said while asking “Where is freedom of expression and its right in this democratic world? Why threatening and intimidating public leaders while working for the interest of the common cause?”
The press release also added that “Any unwanted action or excess taxation or by force on the subject will bring organization and Nation to their downfall,” it said while extending full support to ACAUT and its standing resolution not to pay any form of tax until and unless the matter resolved. The SAAYOD through its press release has reiterated its support to the Committee.

By EMN Updated: Jul 31, 2013 12:19:31 am