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Ryan Reynolds, Michael Bay team up for ‘Six Underground’

By IANS Updated: May 23, 2018 6:16 pm

Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds will be seen in Michael Bay’s upcoming film “Six Underground” for Netflix.

Netflix will co-finance and distribute Bay’s film. This will be the first time the director and actor will be working with the streaming service.

Bay’s home studio, Paramount, was considered at one point, given their long-standing relationship. Netflix won out after it committed to Bay’s budget of around $125 million, making it the studio’s biggest production to date, passing “The Irishman”, which sources say had a budget of around $106 million, reports

The deal is another milestone for Netflix and film chief Scott Stuber as the studio continues to draw major talent. Netflix has been drawing more stars like Will Smith and Brad Pitt, but Bay is one of the first big-name directors to bring a tentpole to the studio.

The other element that made “Six Underground” appealing to Reynolds, besides working with Bay for the first time, is that a Netflix film does not include the world press commitments that a major studio movie like “Deadpool” requires, and will give him the chance to immediately jump back into developing the next “Deadpool” and “X-Force”, reported.

“Six Underground” is targeting a summer start of production for a worldwide release in 2019 on Netflix.


By IANS Updated: May 23, 2018 6:16:34 pm