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Tuesday, June 11, 2024
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Running The Never Ending Race

By EMN Updated: Aug 18, 2023 10:37 pm

In this era, we all are running a never-ending race; competing for the title of `Winner’, but when will the winner be declared when it’s already called a never-ending race? It is a race which I’ll never be able to win, a race which will never lead me to the destination I have dreamed of. There are thousands of miles ahead of me. You ever know what it is?

 It is knowledge I have wanted to acquire which is vast as the sea and high as the sky. How immeasurable it is?

We all wanted to be knowledgeable, but whom do we call a knowledgeable person?

When will we ever become a knowledgeable person when acquiring knowledge is itself a never-ending race? The urge to acquire more and more is always in humans. A trait that never goes off, a trait to want more of what we are and what we have.

Is it doing us any good?

Fighting, pulling down each other, competing to be on the top of the pyramid, all for fame and wealth. Acquiring more and more knowledge with less and less conscience.

Where is the knowledge that you have been acquiring? Has it been lost on the way of your acquisition?

Reading and writing hundreds and thousands of books with the best content; occupying the highest position with the highest degrees and recognised as ‘the educated ones’ in the society with the lowest conscience and no humanity. This is the reality of our society today.

The word ‘knowledge’ is losing its meaning. To define the word, we should change our mindset. Our desire and the urge to gain knowledge will never satisfy us no matter how hard we try; until we understand how God wants us to be, until we understand what humanity is. All the degrees you possess, all the fame you have gained and all the wealth you have gained will all disappear on the day of your disappearance. Only kindness, love and respect towards humanity will be handed over from generation to generation. And if anyone can achieve this, he is ‘a knowledgeable person’. It is never going to be the fame, wealth, power, status, etc., that will define your knowledge.

Soreiphi Jajo

 5th Sem Dept. Of History

Modern College, Piphema

By EMN Updated: Aug 18, 2023 10:37:20 pm
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