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RSU detects anomalies in schools

By EMN Updated: Oct 20, 2013 11:31 pm

Dimapur, October 20

The annual school touring programme of the Rengma Students’ Union (RSU) which commenced from September 29 concluded at Rengmapani (Njophen) village on October 17.As part of the tour programme, eight groups were deputed into different Rengma villages covering 64 schools under Tseminyu Sub-Division. During its intensive touring, the union identified a number of discrepancies associated with educational system. Observing that different kind of teaching methodologies framed by the Government from Delhi are sometimes not applicable to the rural areas, the Union felt that the State government should ponder and see the feasibility of the new systems.
Pointing to the RTE guidelines on students-teachers ratio, the Union strongly felt that one class room with one teacher is required because a single teacher cannot teach the whole classes even though it has a less enrolment. On involvement of school teachers in various government programmes like electoral roll, census, and different enumerating process, the Union said students are being victimised as the teachers are engaged with other government assignment for the whole year. It has urged the government to take immediate measure to rectify the system in involving the teachers in any enumerating process.
While appreciating the intervention of government and initiative of SSA and RMSA where most schools have better infrastructures, the Union has however expressed dismay over the deterioration of quality education. It said Nagas need better implementation of quality and employable education and not the high rate of literacy.
Meanwhile, RSU has lauded all the Village Education Committees, Village Councils and parents towards uplift of the schools by supporting the teachers in imparting quality education to the rural children.
The Union has detected shortage of teachers in most schools. It has particularly made reference to the Government High School in Sendenyu, one of the most remote villages, having good number of students but without any Mathematics and Science teachers. The Union has appreciated the Headmasters and staff, VEC and VCC of Sendenyu village for sponsoring a private Science teacher for teaching in GHS. The Union has appealed to the Department officials to thoroughly check and intervene into such genuine cases where there is shortage of teachers. The Union also appealed to the teacher in charge and VEC, VCC to utilised the Government fund judiciously for the better infrastructure development of the schools.
In a joint meeting with teachers, village leaders of various schools, RSU stated that it would not tolerate with any ‘ghost teachers’ who appear once in blue moon thereby victimising the students. It has reminded the VEC and VCC to implement the guidelines strictly to strengthen the educational system.
While stating that schools within its jurisdictions are considered as its resources, the Union warned that any malpractices in implementing of school funds and insincerity of the teachers would not be tolerated adding appropriate action would be initiated against the defaulting schools.
Further, the Union has decided to put forward its comments and recommendation to the Department of School education.
This was stated in a joint statement issued by RSU president, Caleb Magh and the general secretary Gwatilo Kent.

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