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Rotary’s TEACH Mission reaches out to Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Mar 23, 2014 12:32 am

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Buoyed by the success of “end Polio,” the Rotary International (RI), one of the largest humanitarian service organizations in the world, is out to start a war against illiteracy in South Asian countries and provide “freedom from Illiteracy” by the year 2017.
Understanding the enormity of the task and further to ensure that the South Asian region is literate by the targeted year, Rotary International therefore has set out its mission under a programme called “Rotary’s TEACH Mission”. And this mission will extensively cover India, including Northeast region. The dream of Rotary International to make/declare India to be a literate country was conveyed during the visit of former president of RI (PRIP), Kalyan Banerjee to Nagaland today.
To be literate, R.I has the target to improve and bring in better health, better jobs leading to better economy, more women-power and greater overall prosperity.
“If we have succeeded in making India a polio-free nation, then why not we make the entire country literate,” Banerjee said adding that Rotary International was the major force behind eradicating polio.
“The whole world was surprised to know that India eradicated polio. Many thought India would be the last nation to do so, but we have done it by a collective effort. Of course the war against illiteracy would be a much more difficult job than polio eradication, but it’s possible provided we have the will to do it,” Banerjee said challenging a host of Dimapur Rotarians to join the effort to promote literacy.
Banerjee, who served as the president of R.I from 2011-12, also informed that his organization is undertaking the mission to build 175 schools in Uttarakhand which was destroyed by natural disaster.
The said initiative is all under Rotary expenses given by Rotarians across the country,” he said. He added saying “When we have a problem, it is up to us to solve it.”
Overwhelmed with the success story of literacy rate in states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Mizoram, Banerjee also expressed hope that Nagaland will soon follow into this category.
“Why can’t the rest of India do it if some states have been successful in implementing 100% literacy. If Mizoram can do, why can’t Nagaland?” he urged.
Informing about his meeting with the Governor of Nagaland Dr Ashwani Kumar and some student leaders of Eastern Nagaland Students’ Federation this evening, the PRIP said that the Rotary International would try its best to improve the literacy mission in Nagaland.
“There is in need of classrooms, bath rooms and other necessary facilities for some remote corners in the State, and we the Rotarians will look into these matters under our “Rotary’s TEACH Mission”.
The PRIP also thanked the Dimapur Rotarians for their leadership and contricutions towards the cause of Rotary International.
Speaking at the occasion, PDG Kalpana Khound, District Chair TEACH Mission, also shared on the salient features of the mission.
On his arrival, the PRIP was welcomed by the Mind Blowers Cultural Club, Dimapur.

By EMN Updated: Mar 23, 2014 12:32:15 am