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Rosemary Dzüvichü urges catholic youth to become messengers of peace

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Apr 10, 2021 10:01 pm
Rosemary Dzüvichü addressing the gathering on Saturday. (EM images)

Our Correspondent
Kohima, April 10(EMN):  Rosemary Dzüvichü, advisor of Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) on Saturday urged all members of Angami Catholic Youth Association (ACYA) to be messengers of peace to the world.

Addressing the youths at the 32nd ACYA convention at Chiephobozou, Dzüvichü reiterated the message of Pope Francis saying that youths have the power to change the world as they carry a strong voice for peace. She therefore reminded “not to allow the spark of youth to be extinguished”.

Dwelling on the theme, “Challenges ahead for the Angami Catholic Youth,” she highlighted about the growing unemployment crisis in Nagaland. In this regard, she challenged the younger generation to develop their work ethics.

Dzüvichü also raised the issue of corruption in the state saying that corruption has become a way of life in the Naga society and is even evident in the churches. She urged the catholic youth to be truthful, sincere and honest in their works, and to also stand and fight against corruption.

She further urged the youths to develop a competitive spirit in them and at the same time educate themselves to become youth leaders. She also encouraged to ponder and deliberate on the role of the youth in the churches.

Dzüvichü, who is a professor at Nagaland University (Department of English) also urged the need to preserve and protect one’s cultural identity and tradition. She encouraged to write and record about the history, folk songs, and so on, in order to pass on the tradition to generations to come. She urged to broaden the mindset as Nagas and not just as members of a particular tribe or village.  

Furthermore, she highlighted about the issue of gender imbalance in Naga society. She said that there was now a need for women to come forward and claim their rights. In this regard, she also urged men to think about uplifting women in the society. Citing about the lack of women in the decision-making body of the state, she challenged women participants to ponder upon the role of women in the society as well as the church. The second day of the convention concluded with a cultural extravaganza night which saw performances ranging from folk songs to shadow play with participants from five regions namely, Northern ACYA, Southern ACYA, Chakhroma ACYA, Kohima Town ACYA, and Western ACYA.

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Apr 10, 2021 10:01:13 pm