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Room for reservation in SSB format — PSAN

By EMN Updated: Mar 01, 2020 11:52 pm

Dimapur, March 1 (EMN): In the backdrop of opposition from certain quarters to the proposed Staff Selection Board (SSB), the Public Service Aspirants of Nagaland has stated that reservation policy for ‘backward tribes’ could be implemented in the SSB system of recruitment.

Since 2016, the PSAN has been demanding the state government to form the SSB to combat ‘backdoor appointments’.

In a press release issued on Sunday, it stated that the SSB would go a long way in solving the issues related to appointments to public offices, thus paving the way for meritocracy and providing equal opportunity to thousands of educated youth of Nagaland.

“Meritocracy will be given its due importance; hence, those persons recruited through the SSB will be more efficient and thus bring improvements in the system. The practice of backdoor appointments to all grade III posts that do not fall under the purview of the NPSC will be curbed for good.

“Thousands of hopeful candidates, especially from far flung areas, are compelled to incur a lot of expenditures (application fees, travel expenses, etc.) and face untold miseries while applying for and writing departmental exams which put more burden on their parents. SSB will, in turn, reduce the expenditures of the candidates to a great extent,” it reasoned.

Once again, the PSAN requested the state government to establish an SSB at the earliest and ensure that the board members were ‘competent persons who have the required knowledge and expertise of competitive exams (most preferably NCS/NPS/IAS/IPS officers) and not just anybody in order to ensure transparency, accountability and efficiency in the SSB’.

By EMN Updated: Mar 01, 2020 11:52:14 pm