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Roll up your sleeves, Mr Administrator

By EMN Updated: Nov 22, 2014 9:30 pm

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he administration is yet to roll up its sleeves to thwart the worsening law and order situation in the commercial hub of the state. The Friday robbery incident in the heart of the city reveals how loose the administration is. Armed robbers could just manage to pocket a hefty Rs 11 lakh in broad daylight heist. The incident has left the denizens to wonder whether there is at all any administration. The Friday incident has also slackened the faith of the people reposed on the administration. It could have been more efficient and experienced by now as the crime rate shoots up every festive season. Criminal activities mostly cases of extortion, kidnapping, robbery, looting and ‘forced donation’ are common during Christmas season. Having had experienced this development an effective mechanism could have been enforced by now in places such as Dimapur, Kohima and also along the highways. Sadly, the administration would not give its effort in this regard.What this column would like to suggest to the concerned authorities is to invest more energies and resources so as to have better strategies. The strategies should not be static ones. Seeing the rising crime rate in the state the administration should dance accordingly. As the needs of the people are more during the festive season the cases of robbery, kidnapping, extortion and looting are also quite common.
One thing about Dimapur is the impression it gives that it is a ‘free town’. If the administration remains to sleep over the matter the Friday like incidents are bound to increase.
On Friday, two unidentified armed robbers shot at two staff members of a private company, Cash Management System, and looted Rs 11 lakh from them at LIC office compound near City Tower, Dimapur.
The incident took place at around 11.30 am on the day near the gate of the LIC office when the two robbers fired at the private security guard and custodian of the company who after collecting the sum from the LIC office were going to deposit it in the nearby Axis Bank. The robbers fled in a motorbike without registration number towards Circular Road after snatching the bag containing the amount from the two victims. One of the two miscreants was wearing a helmet while the other was wearing a hat.
One of the victims Sentingkyu Sangtam, 29, son of Treniba Sangtam, of Borlingri in Dimapur was seriously injured after a bullet him on his stomach while Anil Chetri, 25, son of Lalit Chetri of Manja in Karbi Anglong district in Assam received bullet injury on his right leg.

By EMN Updated: Nov 22, 2014 9:30:11 pm