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Monday, February 06, 2023
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Role of a Father Is Becoming More Difficult

By EMN Updated: Jun 19, 2021 11:43 pm

Father’s Day is a day of honouring fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society and on this Day we also thank fathers and father figures for the sacrifices they make, for embracing the responsibility of nurturing and raising children, and for devotion to their family.

The role of a father in the family is incredibly important to their children’s psychological and physical well-being. When a child has a healthy relationship with a father figure, they tend to grow up to have higher levels of psychological health, as well as better quality relationships. In families where the father figure is present, the father serves as one of the first male role models and male relationships the child will encounter. Children are extremely sensitive and observant beings and internalise relational experiences. These early interactions with their father serve as a blueprint for what a relationship with a man looks like and impacts both the father-son relationship, and the father-daughter relationship. This means that unhealthy relationships with a father figure can significantly impact not only the child’s psychological well-being, but their unconscious relational choices as they become adults. Fathers, like mothers, are pillars in the development of a child’s emotional well-being. Children look to their fathers to lay down the rules an enforce them. They also look to their fathers to provide a feeling of security, both physical and emotional. As a guardian – Fathers are there to make sure that values and morals are instilled into a child so that they grow up a respectful individual that are also respected by others. Fathers teach their children the ability to face adversity with courage, and to never comprise their beliefs to please others. Fathers are the protectors and the strength behind a confident independent child who knows how to protect himself or herself. A father is someone you can rely on, someone who is your role model, someone who is strong, determined to do the best for his family. A father is like sand in a desert without sand, the desert will never exist. 

Kezhokhoto Savi(Jakhama Bhurch Church)

By EMN Updated: Jun 19, 2021 11:43:01 pm