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Rise to the occassion: SC Jamir

By EMN Updated: Nov 13, 2014 1:01 am

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Odisha Governor and former chief minister SC Jamir said, “It is a bitter truth that we are going through a very hard time which we can call testing times for the Nagas.”
Speaking at the launch of Leaders Arise Nagaland (LAN) at de Oriental Grand here today, Jamir observed that the people of Nagaland are going through a phase of distress and hardship. He said the need of the hour is that the people rise to the occasion with urgency and positive thinking. He said the initiative will have to come from the people, otherwise the future of this tiny and idyllic State will be bleak.
Stating that Nagaland cannot be left behind when the rest of India marches ahead, he said the onus is on us to be the flag bearers and we cannot hope that some outsiders will arrive with a magic wand and usher in an era of peace and love and progress and development.
Painting a grim picture of present day Nagaland, he said Naga people lead a condemned life and endure all that is being perpetrated on them such as violence, poverty, hatred, sectarianism, jealousy, corruption and collapse of systems of governance as well as the unique Naga work culture.
“Nagaland today is surrounded by evil and negative forces which have effectively demolished the socio-political system including governance,” he said, adding that violence, killing, gun culture, hatred, divisive forces and massive corruption have contributed to systemic collapse in Nagaland.
He said any civilized person taking a look at the recent elections will be shocked and surprised to see the extent of money and muscle power used to influence the process. The election process, during the last one decade, has become a farce in Nagaland and it is more like any business-auction. Voters take money from all, votes are purchased by candidates, the highest bidder gets votes from the voters, in the process elected candidates become bankrupt, MLAs are bankrupt members having huge debts, finally clearing debts by indulging in all sorts of money-collecting activities and resorting to every kind of unfair means.
On the Naga political movement, Jamir said it is in a stage from where it can neither go forward nor move backward. It will be real humiliation for the underground to retract their position, he said, adding that the ideology and aspiration which the Naga political movement had been able to generate have just evaporated into thin air, he said.
“Nagas are too much obsessed of politics, as we talk of politics everywhere and every gathering,” he said, adding that all these paint a bleak future for the people and the State.
The Nagas have been suffering for the last six decades, he said but at the same time expressed the hope that the morning ‘star’ will rise from the Nagas themselves and the fresh morning breeze that will touch each dead bone will also blow from the soil of Nagaland.
As a Christian State, he said, Nagas need to dethrone hate and coronate love, dethrone hypocrisy and coronate truthfulness, dethrone violence and coronate peace and dethrone ill-will towards others and coronate compassion in our hearts.
This is the time to embark on a new journey, a new journey that begins in the present in right earnest and becomes a part of our existence until Nagaland is transformed into a vibrant State, Jamir added.
Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) president SI Jamir maintained that if change is to be brought about in the Naga society it has to be done from top to bottom.
Chief Secretary Toshi Aier, in his exhortation, said Naga people need leaders who understand the problems of the Naga people. “Nagas require leaders with renewed vision for the development and progress of the State. Naga leaders need to have the instinct of self sacrifice and those who can put people above all and hold the chair with great responsibility,” he said.
Naga Hoho president Chuba Ozukum stressed that the Naga political problem must be resolved at the earliest with the cooperation of everyone lest the future of Naga people is bleak. He said in olden days Nagas were hard working and honest but it has gradually declined and Nagas have become lazy and dishonest.
ENPO joint secretary David said the present Naga society has failed to speak out and identify the true leaders. He said corruption and evil practices in the State is at the zenith and it is confusing where to start, from the bottom or top.
NCRC president Rev. Neikedozo Paphino said Nagas have forgotten the blessings of God. Looking back at 1950s and 60s, he said, Nagas fought for identity and freedom. He said forgetting the blessings of God by the Nagas is the greatest mistake. He said Nagas have failed to fulfill many promises made by the people as a Christian state. He urged the gathering to perform their own responsible faithfully and sincerely according to their own capacity.
Former Assembly speaker and advisor of Nagaland Tribes Council Z. Lohe and ACAUT Action Committee convener Kezhokoto Savi and Nagaland Civil Services Association president Rovilato Mor also addressed the gathering.
NBCC general secretary Rev. Dr. Anjo Keikung, extending greetings, said it is time for Naga people to introspect one’s own individual life while leaders should also have good individual life. He said if the corporate, social and individual lives of the Naga people should be same, things will automatically change for better in the Naga society.
Dwelling on the vision and goals of LAN, Apostle Rev. Luoliehu Yimsong said it aspires towards resilient, confident, proactive, wealthier and healthier Nagaland for all through radical leaders in this critical hours of the Naga society.
He said the Naga society requires radical leaders for critical hours and leader-ship to leader-shift. He also said LAN would hold leaders’ festival annually.
It would also make recommendations, send representations and presentations to outstanding individuals and groups for inclusions and implementations locally and globally, besides organizing talk shows and debates for individuals and groups.
Project Director of Music Task Force Gugs Chishi was the moderator while Azin Shürhozelie entertained the gathering with a special number.

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