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Rio’s team is ‘at guilt,’ asserts rival members

By Our Correspondent Updated: Nov 02, 2017 11:48 pm

‘Politicians are not corrupt, bureaucrats and contractors are’

Vikheho Swu speaking at the Nagaland Civil Secretariat at Kohima town on Nov. 2.

Our Correspondent
Kohima, Nov. 2 (EMN): Calling the TR Zeliang-led government to be “unconstitutional,” a legislator with the Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu-led group of the Naga Peoples’ Front (NPF) has said that Zeliang has ‘made a mockery’ of the 6th Global Leadership Awards 2016 which was conferred on him in Indonesia.
Speaking at the day-nine of the NPF protests on Nov. 2, Member of Legislative Assembly Y Vikheho Swu recalled that the chief minister, then, was conferred the award ‘for having an “opposition-less” government’ in the 12th Nagaland Legislative Assembly.
“The 6th Global Leadership Awards bestowed on him stands tall, but now, he has converted it into an unconstitutional government,” Swu said, maintaining that it was a ‘disgrace to the people of the state.’
Commenting on the Neiphiu Rio-led NPF reconciliation process, Swu ridiculed it wondering if they (Rio’s party) ‘know the actual meaning of reconciliation.’
“They are at guilt. So they should admit their mistakes first if at all we are to reconcile,” he said. Reconciliation cannot be done just for the sake of political mileage, he asserted.
Swu, however, said that reconciliation was ‘needed in Nagaland and within the party.’ He has emphasized on ‘the need for a genuine reconciliation’ following ‘proper process.’
Echoing the words of colleague and former minister Yitachu, Swu said that the Constitution of India ‘does not apply to Nagaland as the rule of law and justice is not applicable here in the state.’
“We will extend the dharna till the rule of law and justice is delivered,” he added.
Vice president of NPF central office bearers, Pusazo Lurhü, in his address, called the ‘rebelling MLAs and leaders’ as ‘ungrateful.’
“Instead of expressing thanks to the NPF president Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu, they have termed him as dictatorial and a power monger,” he said. “Who are those people who served him an ultimatum,” he questioned.
“The 12th assembly is a shameful house. There has been no development, but only crisis one after the other,” Swu said.
“Many things have gone against us. The governor cannot remain silent with this unconstitutional government. And it is unfortunate that the NLA (Nagaland Legislative Assembly) speaker’s office has turned to an in-law’s office,” Swu said adding that the ‘truth will prevail’ and the ‘judiciary will be rectified.’
Also, General Secretary Khrielezo Bio criticised the present government for ‘not sticking to the rule of law.’
“We don’t want this government. Our only desire is to let peace prevail in the Naga society,” Bio claimed. He hit out also at bureaucrats and contractors in the state whom he termed the ‘most corrupted people in the society. Indeed, politicians are not corrupt, but bureaucrats and contractors are the most corrupted ones.’
While lauding Liezietsu for his ‘long-term leadership,’ Bio termed Neiphiu Rio and TR Zeliang ‘novice in the field of politic’ and that they will ‘not be able to run a government even for a five-year term.’ “It is because they do not know the constitution and the policy programmes of a government,” Bio said.
Commenting on the Naga political issue, Bio said that ‘it will happen’ only if the Naga people ‘unite as a whole.’
“Be it underground or the party (NPF), we have the same goal,” he added.

Rival NPF youth wing hits out

The central youth wing of the NPF led by Neiphiu Rio has issued a response to the rival group’s ‘dharna.’ The youth wing, at the Legacy complex in Kohima town, issued a press release on Thursday wondering at the protestors ‘just sitting and listening to empty political discourses being hurled out by their few desperate masters.’
‘Perhaps one wonders as to how the people who are in dharma are managing their own individuals and domestic affairs when they have been wasting their valuable time and energy for many days together just sitting and listening to empty political discourses being hurled out by their few desperate masters,’ the press release stated.
“No doubt the loses incur during these wasted period are being compensated by their pay masters and the in dramatis personae continue to act out their role, it is for the Naga people to judge as to how far the dharma is justifiable in true legal and democratic sense.”
The press release asserted that the ongoing ‘sit-in’ which was ‘purportedly organized by the so called NPF youth wing allegiance to former Chief Minister Dr. Shürhozelie at New Secretariat is nothing but a sheer democratic contempt’ being enacted ‘by people who refuse to come to reality and accept the truth.’
“Time and again, the facts of the legal and democratic applications on the ongoing political imbroglio has been explicitly expounded by several legal luminaries and by persons attached with other institutions,” the youth wing stated. “However, it is quite unfortunate that the people loyal to former Chief Minister Dr. Shurhozelie disdainfully refuses to accept the truth and still continues to justify their bogus claims through threat, intimidation and unsubstantiated political gimmickry through media.”
Yitachu flayed for warning  of violent recourse
The NPF youth also condemned the statement of legislator Yitachu ‘who warned of resorting to violence and chaos if their demand were not met by the speaker and the governor.’
“Such libelous statement is detrimental to peaceful coexistence and is totally uncalled for from a responsible leader like Mr. Yitachu,” the press release stated. ‘Also, the statement of the so called NPF youth wing loyal to Dr. Shurhozelie warning the governor of any eventuality in the event of later failure to meet their fake demand is quite condemnable as it has gone beyond the democratic and legal norm.’
The NPF youth wing has assured that ‘under no circumstances the truth will be allow to be defeated but we will steadfastly uphold and defend the sanctity of the democratic set up in the state.’
The people in Liezietsu’s camp should realize that politics cannot be played base on lies and fake claim, the NPF youth stated.
“Also, in politics threat and bully never works. Politics should be play base on the true democratic principle. In the light of the above, the NPF Youth Wing appealed to the people taking part in the dharna not to waste their time and energy but to called off and go home and let the law of the land take its own course of action,” the press release added.

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