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Right to Education for the Nagas

By EMN Updated: Aug 06, 2013 1:06 am

Recently the university of Nagaland has declared the results and most of us has spent our time in downloading the page to see our names on it. I regret for not fighting for our rights last year when the NU results was declared in the daily papers. My mother she spends worrying about my brothers performance, and when the result was out his name was not out in the paper. After some few days he got his mark-sheet and there was an error as he has been marked as ‘Ab’ for absent in one of the subject.

We went to file a complain but they told us to go down to NU office in DC Court area in Dimapur. So on a Wednesday morning we went to the office and found that almost 40-50 students were there as well to correct the error in their mark-sheet. After almost waiting for an hour we were able to meet one of the staff and told him about the error in my brother marksheet. He did told us to leave Mark-sheet and to return on Monday; but before we left the building we asked the other students who were there as well and we gather much that there were error as well in their marksheets. My brother was not the only victim of the NU when the results were declared but probably some few hundreds were there as well.
On Monday we got a new marksheet for my brother and we were not satisfied with the marks. We asked for advice on re- evaluation and we were told that for re-evaluation we have to go to Lumami and it might take another six months for the re-evaluation. I still wonder how can he be given marks for a subject that was marked as absent within two working days and for evaluation how can it take six months? Now did they just give marks randomly? Weird!!
When results are declared some people committed suicide. Now if the error of NU education is not corrected than the value of the NU will be weighed down in the tons of landslides here and there in Nagaland. Timely declaration of result is also appreciated because when the rest of the starts off for another new term the students under NU are still on a very long bank holiday.
Hundreds of Nagas are students are of NU, it is extremely high time to fight for a good education that we are paying fees for. Most of the students study on NU because our chance to study further is not financially sound to go outside. furthermore, why should we be lacking of education system when most Naga people are highly qualified and teaching here and there.
There are some lecturers of NU who are very dedicated and give their time and life in educating their scholars and for the mistakes of NU management they all got a bad remarks.
For students who downloaded their results but are not listed but you know you did your papers well than don’t lose heart. Wait for your marksheet and check if any error are there; and if there is than students of NU should join hands together and fight for our right to education.
We need good education background. And for me and most of us are depending on the NU for a betterment in the system as we are Nagas studying in our own Land for a better future.
Further, the NU should send some staff of their department to some other universities for atleast 2 months and learn how the other universities are operating their system and how results are made in time.
Education is a must for a good foundation to our life. our life needs to be build under a good education system. The present status of Naga society depends on the quality of education we received. Everytime, we go for further education we opted to go outside of Nagaland; where we spends too much money for funding our education. Most of Nagas are middle class people, where we strive to earn atleast Rs 300 per day. To send our children to college is very expensive and for us to get a further education needs lots of money. Most people are deprived of education because of lack in finance.
It is our dream to study in a good university to earn a degree and proud to be a student of it. Let us all work towards a betterment of education for a better future.

TS Thedzeyieu
Mission Compound, Kohima

By EMN Updated: Aug 06, 2013 1:06:49 am