Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Right people at the right place

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Fr. T.O.  Sebastian

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are certain subtleties a manager should know and implement to keep his company moving forward. The aim of the manager is not simply keeping the company running, his aim is to train his men to excellence. When you induct a new hand to help in your business, it is not sufficient to enquire about his past job and experience. That is only half the information. If you want to fully utilize the new person you must find out from him what are his potentials and how best you can absorb his talents to the best interest of your company. One thing is to employ a person to do what you want him to do and ,it is a different matter to make him do what he is naturally gifted to do. In this case he will do his job with much more ease and mental satisfaction., Once the manager has placed the right person to the right place, his job is to coach him to excellence. Here again the managers differ in their way of dealing with the employees. There are some who appoint a new person to a job and after a brief job description leave him to himself as to how and what is to be done. Generally a senior worker becomes his tutor and for good or bad, the new worker totally remains dependent on the senior worker. There are others who after appointing a new person, never leaves him to himself but continuously monitors him until he feels so constricted and constrained that no initiative or signs of creativity comes forth. Both total abandonment and total control will not train the employee to excellence. Everyone needs certain measure of freedom or space to make personal contributions to the company.
When the right person is placed in the right place the manager will find himself at much more comfortable position to coach each employee to excellence. The manager will find himself having more leisure time which he could devote to other pressing needs of the company. The manager of course sets clear goals and boundaries and expects each employee to achieve them in his own way. In this way, he allows the employees to take change of their own destiny. Thus the employee can do things they love to do and do things they are good at doing. A winning manager aims at making his’~.~ployees into high performers. I’m selecting the candidate a winning manager prefers to take in persons who can do many things well rather persons who can do well only one thing. A man who has got a wide range of abilities will be a better asset for the company rather than one of limited capabilities. If you take in a person who is not suited for the job and coach him to excellence you will be frustrated and the employee annoyed. For there is a saying: “Never try to teach a pig to sing. The music is terrible and it annoys the pig”.

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