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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

‘Right is Might and not Might is Right’: CM

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CHIEF Minister Neiphiu Rio, today said that “Right is Might” and not “Might is Right.” Some of the Naga brethren tend to practice the latter motto and until we change our mindset in this connection, and only when people are not civilized they follow it. In Nagaland, there are many instances of “Might is Right.”Addressing the inaugural session of 16th Biennial general conference of the All Nagaland College Students Union (ANCSU) in the town hall here, the Chief Minister emphasized that a society that does not fear government or rule of law is not civilized. “A civilized society is where there is rule of law and security. So we decide where we belong accordingly, for this we need self-control our emotions, anger and anguish.”
To reach a level of civilization a nation depends on the youths who are the cream of the nation. For this, a good education is a must. In today’s world, all parents urge their children to pursue education, especially the higher education and our society have come a long way with Christianity and Education, he said. However, “we are yet to be civilized. So we have to take education seriously-not only (in terms of) knowledge but quality as well.”
Mere bookish knowledge without work culture can be “dangerous” for society as a whole. We are aware that education is the most important aspect in human society. Education begins from the childhood to old age and continues till death because knowledge is so vast and one “cannot learn all of it in one’s lifetime. There are good books and bad books and we have the opportunity to choose,” Rio said.
The Chief Minister said that the priority of the government is to engage the education sector. Accordingly, as per the demands of the students, the government has taken over all colleges in the districts and sub divisions. He conceded the lack of technical staff and for school education, there is shortage of teachers in Mathematics and Science. In this connection “it will be in our interest to appoint local and qualified teachers. At the same time, “we can’t run schools without non-local teachers. This issue will be taken up seriously.”
Rio also said that he had been rooting for technical institutes based on our literacy rate which is 79% and above the average national rate at 74.5% with the centre which is agreeable but all these institutes are not yet forthcoming to our state. Nagaland has been a state for 50 years but due to Naga political problem, “we never know when political solution will come to our state. It is too much of a punishment for our state.”
Looking at all the activities of our country and States even India as a whole is not civilized despite a democracy. All countries and cultures developed from the caves and barbarian belief of might is right but with education they eventually became civilized. Yet, only a few countries have 100% literacy, Rio said.
Reiterating his hitherto description that Phek District comprising Chakhesangs and Pochury is “Land of Traditions”. Rio said that the people still maintain maximum traditions, are hardworking and sincere despite the “backward tribe” tag, they are ahead of some other advanced tribes.
As the pride of the Nagas, the students were asked: “What will be your agenda?” and which will require “collective efforts.” It will be through modern education which should synchronize with heritage of Naga culture so that we do not lose our identity. “We must be regional in character, national in outlook and act globally.”
Touching on the ANCSU motto “Unity is Strength” Rio said the government also has its logo “Unity.” However, he lamented that while Nagas are disciplined collectively, some are not disciplined individually.
The Chief Minister further said “If we do not come up with work culture, industrial culture will not reach us” and export potential must be utilized. Since white collar job opportunities available in the agri and allied sectors, medical and sports sectors as an alternative to white collar jobs and we must make do with whatever resources we have if Nagas are disciplined collectively, some are not disciplined individually.
Like in Japan’s culture everybody is doing something to earn more. So “we should not complain but work more…..Now I want our youth and leaders to take up the challenge and the government will do its utmost to facilitate their opportunities. I seek your cooperation to implement our vision for your tomorrow,” he added.
Earlier, also speaking on the occasion, “young and popular” Minister for Roads and Bridges, Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu in his brief speech said students are “the agents of change.” In this connection, he said that abolition of slavery wherein human being were sold and made to do excessive manual labor should be a thing of the past. He also stressed on the Right to Information (RTI) which has become a legislated Act. With information anyone has the right to collect information to follow up whatever requirements or agendas.
Then too, the Right to Education must also be implemented. Students are to be the best agents of education and hence, change. They should, however, work hand in hand with the government.
Former ANCSU President Zheinito Chophy advocated “understanding and tolerance among the young ones.” There were greetings from NSF President Tongpang Ozukum and NCPF Presidenht Vekhozo Khamo. The session was enlivened by “Harmony” a musical rendition by Patkai Christian College students.
Other Legislators who attended the occasion were Education Minister CM Chang, Parliamentary Secretaries Deo Nukhu, Yitachu and Er. Kropol.

Talks in progress for LS contest: Rio


ON the sidelines of the ANCSU Conference at Phek, the Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio cleared speculations of him contesting the Lok Sabha polls.
Talking to newsmen Rio confirmed that these speculations were true and that such a scenario had been discussed. He said “I had expressed my opinion (to contest the Lok Sabha elections) while the Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) has expressed their desire ( not to alow him to contest)”.
He also accepted that the DAN legislators had approached him with the decision of the meeting held on Sept 23 last in Kohima. However, Rio said that the talks are still in progress and the final decision yet to be taken.

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