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Ridiculously Awesome Gadgets

By EMN Updated: Jun 26, 2017 9:58 pm

By liyo Kikon

While everyone around you may have the same old boring gadgets, you can easily get any of these ‘toys’ to make things more fun. Sure, some of the gadgets I’ve listed may not fall under the category of useful gadgets, but who says that all gadgets have to be useful? Its always great to have some gizmos which don’t necessarily make sense but they sure can be fun.

Just when you think that everything has an app, here is a toaster which can be controlled by an app! Now you can draw or write images in your morning bread toast, I can imagine that a lot of moms will enjoy this. The way it works is that Toasteroid uses microfilament technology with a smart toasting system to make your bread crisp and burn in whatever image you draw or write in the app. Toasteroid has a simple and minimalistic design which will look great in any kitchen and you can toast up to two bread at a time. The app is very simple and easy to grasp as well, with two images on top, you can easily see what images are going to appear. On scrolling down you can see a bunch of pre-designed images and messages and some dynamic images such as weather, yes! you can have the weather report toasted in your bread! I wonder if anyone ever sat in the kitchen thinking that they wanted the weather report on their bread toast before they knew about Toasteroid. Apart from the preset images, the main attraction is the ability to create your own images from within the app and it couldn’t be easier, simply open the app and draw what ever image you want and the controls are simple enough for anyone, even toddlers can draw on it. The app will show an image of a bread and you simply have to tap to draw or write whatever you want and finally tap on “Toast it” and Toasteroid will toast the bread for you. Toasteroid is available for around Rs.5,500 from https://toasteroid.com/ with free shipping worldwide.

Selfly Camera
Ever thought that your phone case was too boring? Fear not, Selfly Camera is here and it will change the way you look at phone cases forever! Selfly Camera is a phone case with a built in drone! Yes, its a tiny drone which fits into your phone case! Obviously, this one is right on the edge of “Ridiculous Gadgets”, but think about the fun you can have when your phone case can fly away! The main function of the drone is that it has a built in camera which lets you take selfies from far away or group shots or any kind of shots which you can’t normally take on a phone, all you need to do is simply detach the drone from the phone case and open the selfly application on your phone and let the drone fly up! You can also take videos along with photos. The drone communicates with your phone via Wifi. The Selfly drone is 9mm thin and with the case on, it is a bit chunky but when you consider the fact that it has an actual drone, it’s not as think as you imagine. The case comes in different sizes which will fit most of the common android and iOS phones and since the drone is detachable, it fits in other Selfly cases as well. One clever feature about the case is that it has a built in power bank and when the drone is docked in the case, it will automatically charge it so that you can use it whenever you need it and as per the specification, you can charge it upto 10 times. That’s not all, the phone case can also charge your mobile phone at the same time. The drone has clever features such as auto stabilisation and preset motions and the controls are really simple with just two sticks to control the movement of the drone. Selfly Camera can be purchased via their indigogo campaign for around Rs.6,383.

I’ll admit it, this one is completely rediculous! But it’s so absurd that it had to make it to this list. F.Lashes is basically a fake eyelash with L.E.D lights on them. You just stick the fake eyelash in your eyes and hide the small motion controller under the back of your hair and that’s it! Now every time your head moves, f.lashes will light up accordingly. The eyelash lights up in different patters, its a lot like walking around with blinking Christmas lights in your face and with a lot of color options to choose from, you can light up your eyes with any color. The ideal use for these eyelashes is at a party since the eye lash will blink and dance according to your body and head movements. If you are crazy enough to get these eyelashes, you can head over to their kickstarter campaign at kickstarter.com. F.Lashes is available for around Rs. 2,500.

By EMN Updated: Jun 26, 2017 9:58:38 pm