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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Yemkong Somba

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Feb 24, 2022 10:24 pm
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Yemkong Somba started his musical journey as a guitarist in a rock band at the age of 16 and has now transitioned into one of Nagaland’s rising country singers.

Eastern Mirror caught up with the talented 22-year-old singer, songwriter, who shares his story in today’s Rhythm of Love.

Eastern Mirror: Could you introduce yourself to our readers and share about your musical journey so far?

Yemkong Somba: Firstly my name is Yemkong Somba and I belong to Chang Community, Tuensang. I’m a student of Baptist College Kohima, currently doing my BA 4th Semester while pursuing music as well.

My Dad introduced me to the guitar while I was studying in Class IV and I started my musical Journey as a Guitarist in a Rock Band, at the age of 16. I enjoyed and had the best days with them performing on concerts and various contests. I started songwritings and composing music during my Higher Secondary days. And I released my first country song last year, on 1st August, 2021.

Eastern Mirror: Let’s talk about your latest track, “Found Love”.

The two lines of the lyrics say: ‘So call me out your name and I’ll be there in a while, cos all I do is dream about you.’ Is this intended for someone in particular? Or is it a different story altogether?

Well, the first two lines of my track Found Love tells the point of eagerness and excitement of being in Love / loving someone. I wrote it while imagining myself as a Lover, approaching a lady with that level of excitement and joy.  My song Found Love is intended for everyone in general.

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Eastern Mirror: Can you recall the moment you thought you could be a musician? What motivates you to continue singing?

Yes, I clearly remember my willingness and a dream of becoming a musician someday. It was back during my High School Days, imagining myself as a successful musician, keeping long hair, playing and enjoying good music.

As an Artist, I also go through a lot of hard times, but giving up on music has never been a part of my thoughts. And whenever I face obstacles in life, I remind myself why I started my Journey and my story itself motivates me to keep marching forward, reminding myself that it’s God’s best plan for me .

Eastern Mirror: There are only a few country singers in Nagaland, so do you feel that it gives you more opportunities to tap its potential and explore the genre?

As a musician, under the influence and interest of making country music, I get to learn and discover different elements of music under that particular genre.

Looking at the present scenario here in Nagaland, I feel glad that many elders encourage and support country music and I also get to perform at various occasions as well.

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Eastern Mirror: What has this past year been like for you and your music?

The past few years of my life have been full of surprises and an exploring journey, where I got to discover myself, my potential and above all, the Love of God.

Eastern Mirror: Who are your top three country singers?

Personally for me, the top three country singers, whose songs are a great source of inspiration, are Alan Jackson, Chris Stapleton and Don Williams

Eastern Mirror: Which artist would you like to collaborate with if given a chance in the future?

If given a chance for collaboration from my wish list in the future, I’d like to collaborate a song with Sir Alobo Naga. I enjoy his compositions and it would be really fun working with him, also getting to learn from him.

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Eastern Mirror: Can you share a little gist of your upcoming project?

Well, my upcoming song/single is the biggest and the most important project for me so far. The song is my story, growing up as a musician, caught up under the bad influence of alcoholism and being an irresponsible son. I wrote this song with the intention to encourage the youngsters to stay away from it and to bring out the best in what one holds before it gets late. I’m praying and looking forward to share my story and I hope that my song spreads positive message and a lesson to the listeners.

Eastern Mirror: What has been the biggest surprise so far about choosing music as a career? What has been an unexpected or welcome challenge?

The best surprise for me, making music as my career was when my first song got nominated for the 13th Music Award Nagaland, 2021.

Seeing my name for the first time in local newspaper in the nominated artist list was something which I never expected. Even though I didn’t make it to any award, being nominated was the biggest surprise and also it made a huge impact and realisation on different aspects of my life and career. And because of which, I decided to try even more and to improve each time I try.

Eastern Mirror: What do you think of the power of social media? Do you enjoy or have trouble keeping up with it?

As for me, social media has become an important requirement for musicians today. It has the power and the ability to reach a wider audience than ever before and it also influences our society culturally, morally and emotionally.

Social media has never been a distraction for me, I try to make the best use of it and yes, I enjoy keeping up with it. I’m taking up social platforms like YouTube and Instagram and because of which I’m able to stay connected with the people around, updating music and being productive.

Eastern Mirror: At the end of the day, what do you hope people take away from your music?

Since I mostly write love songs, I hope people to take away positive influence, lighten their mood through my songs, reduce anxiety and depression and help them work out more effectively.

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Feb 24, 2022 10:24:55 pm
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