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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with PRODG’S

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Jun 03, 2021 10:13 pm

PRODG’s, an independent HipHop record label has social networking sites buzzing about their unique artists and music! Producing thought provoking music on socio-political issues and real life struggles, the label aims to capture the essence of HipHop and its sub genres.

In today’s Rhythm of Love the record label PRODG’S talks us through its musical journey and its artists.

Eastern Mirror: Can you give us an introduction to Prodg’s?

PRODG’S : PRODG’S is an Independent HipHop Record label that focuses on what is important; investing in the music and talented artists that create it. Our vision is defined by the word ‘ONE’. We are one family, with one vision, and one goal. We remain focused on our roles as administrators, facilitators, and a support network for our artists.

Signed artists: Anonymous J, Echognize, Jpolland, Tensawati & Blazed

Prospect artist: Tashitamang

Akhum Langti Thonger (PROPRIETOR)

Eastern Mirror: What does the name Prodg’s signify? What is its USP?

PRODG’S: So the name “PRODG’S”  pronounces  as ‘PRODIGY’ with ‘S’ in it. It signifies (Perfectionist, Responsible, Original, Dependable, Groups).

Eastern Mirror: The Prodg’s record label was founded with the focus on investing in music and talented artists. How has the label maintained that so far?

PRODG’S: So far it’s running just fine. Sometimes pretty challenging, actually coming from a place like Nagaland.

Tashi Tamang

Eastern Mirror: What genre, themes/topics does the label in general represent and cover?

PRODG’S: At the core, we are primarily a HipHop Record Label. Our works reflects mostly the essence of Hiphop and its sub-genres although we intend to expand or experiment with the other genres in the future. The works that our artists put out so far have been about the origin, socio-political issues, and real life struggles among many others. But, then I guess that is true for any HipHop fan and HipHop heads.

Eastern Mirror: Who are some of the artists the label has worked with that can go a long way? What’s their/his/her USP?

PRODG’S:  Anonymous Jamir, Echognize, J Polland, Tensawati, Renbithung(Beat Producer/Audio Engineer).

#Stage name ‘Anonymous J’ Supong Jamir – Boy has this deep dark voice that can impact lots of audiences. Also, our boy can spit(HipHop way of saying he’s got the X factor).

#Stage name ‘Echognize’ Ronald Mech –  So far one of the best Lyricists from Nagaland. His poetry can be compared with industry Top notch artist globally. Period.

#J polland – Unique! One of the Best Entertainers and a Rapper.

#Tensawati – Ever love something so patiently that you always give your 110%? That’s him.

#Stage name ‘BLAZED’ Renbithung – Our brain child, the master mind behind all of our Musicone of the best Beat producer from Nagaland so far.


Eastern Mirror: As a record label, what makes an artist stand out from the rest?

PRODG’S: Distinctive is the word here.

Eastern Mirror: Tell us about the ups and downs of running a record label.

PRODG’S: You probably might not know that some of the most influential institutions in music started with a couple of frustrated musicians taking things into their own hands. This especially applies to the ever-expanding world of independent record labels. But forming your own label is no easy task, and most musicians are probably better off looking to team up with an already established one to help bring their music to listeners. If you’re considering starting your own label, here’s a few pros and cons to consider:

Pro: Creative and financial freedom the biggest advantage of releasing music under your own label is that you don’t have to answer to anyone. In addition to being able to release any kind of music you want, you’ll also be able to have a complete say in what happens within your finances.

Con: If you love making music, then forming and running your own label is going to be a huge amount of work that will probably distract from your work. For musicians who hate this sort of work and aren’t particularly business savvy, starting a label isn’t going to be worth their time.

Eastern Mirror: What advice can you give to emerging artists who are trying to make it in the industry?

PRODG’S: Be authentic, Compete with yourself, you’ve to realise it’s a lot of work, in other words you need lots of patience, Do the unusual, talent and handwork. Good Luck!

Eastern Mirror: Any upcoming projects?

PRODG’S: Yes, we are working on some few projects, mass production actually. Looking at the situation right now we have had to pause, because of the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic.

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Jun 03, 2021 10:13:59 pm