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Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Moba Inggang Band

By EMN Updated: Feb 26, 2015 10:08 pm

Rhythm of love

Music is a way we can belt, hook on to that influence and we feel music with our entire feelings. With Rhythm of Love Eastern Mirror connects our readers to music in conversation with artists as they share their experience with their love ……. music.

Music moves us, opens our emotions passing all barriers. Music is a piece that we all can connect with so Readers get connected with your favorite artists with the Rhythm of Love.

On Fridays, Eastern Mirror will feature Artists/bands from the state and outside while promoting MUSIC-the present craze of the state.

EASTERN MIRROR: For those who may not yet heard your music, how best would you describe yourself as a musician? Which music genre are you into?
Moba Inggang Band: Many of you might have heard my band or name and many might not. Well, I am Moba Inggang. As a child, I have been writing and singing about nature of realities of human life that dreams inspiration from social condition and spiritual struggles that I face every day. The genre that I am mostly into is Alternative Rock and contemporary that touches with Pop elements.

EM: For many years you have been identified as a solo artist. Can you give us the background behind the formation of your new Band?
Moba Inggang Band:Since my childhood days I’ve been performing in many occasions as a soloist. It was 2 years back when I was asked to sing at an event so I thought of doing it different. Instead of performing alone I decided to perform with a Band, which I realized that I enjoyed doing it together. That’s how we came together and decided to form a band. We have performed LIVE show in many places and ya! till now we have performed at more than 20 events and recently released our single “In The Light” which is also available at for Free downloads.

EM: You have been working as a solo and now with a band. What is the advantage & disadvantage of working as band and as a single?
Moba Inggang Band:The advantage of working with the band is that we get collective ideas and creativities from each member that makes the music inborn and special.
The disadvantage is that because of the different taste of our music and the music background we have been into for long time, our ideas clash sometimes but ultimately as a band, we manage to land up with the best one.

EM: Do you have definite aims for your future working life?
Moba Inggang Band:Yes, of course like everyone else I do wish to become somebody someday or at least a good citizen. Apart from my interest in music, I do Art/Painting from which I earn some handful amount and that I usually spend in music (Hahahaha). With the skills that I have in me I dream to set up my own business like opening an Art gallery.

EM: How difficult would you say it is to get your voice heard in this industry?
Moba Inggang Band:Honestly, I should say it has been very difficult for me to get my music heard until I participated for music competitions and started performing at some music events. I also like to thank my friends and well-wishers for their constant support especially our Promoter- Moba Langfhoang.
We also need to update our music, connect people as much as you can, remain consistent, we should not just wait for people to promote our music but we can be the promoter of ourselves. Grab every opportunity that comes your way. Do not just move away from criticisms, complains and judgmental attitudes .Just go ahead with your dreams if you really have the spirit of becoming someday.

EM: Most memorable/cherished moment so far as a musician.
Moba Inggang Band:I have so many moments but the one that I treasure the most was when I made my debut music video “Silent Years” (2013).

EM: Any Awards so far?
Moba Inggang Band: Yes, I received the “Best Video Director” award for Wannyen Bezo’s “Spread My Wings “at Nagaland Music Award.

EM: If you would like to collaborate with any artist of Nagaland, who would you like to?
Moba Inggang Band:If I get the opportunity I would like to work with Alobo Naga. In my opinion, he is one of the top artistes in Nagaland who have followed every musicians dream and living it now overcoming all obstacles and I would like to learn from him too.

EM: Other than your singing talent, what are the other talents that people have not come across/acknowledge?
Moba Inggang Band:Well, other than singing as I’ve mentioned earlier, I spend my leisure time painting and sketching which gives me immense pleasure in doing. I do all sort of painting/sketching. So, you can place your order for any sort of painting/sketches (Hahaha…).

EM: How far would you like to take your career?
Moba Inggang Band:All I can say now is that I will try to carry on with my best in what I am doing now and rest, it is with God’s will.

Moba Inggang- Vocal/Guitar
Langpai Konyak- Drums
Ben’d Angh- Guitar
John Rokho- Bass

Moba Langfhoang-
Promotor/ Producer

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