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Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Made in July

By EMN Updated: Oct 20, 2016 9:37 pm

Made in July (MIJ), is an Indie Pop Rock band from Nagaland.
The band consists of Nuksung Jamir (lead vocal, guitar), Wapang Jamir (bass, vocal), and Avizo Solo (drums, synths).
The band has released their debut single ‘Got a bad feeling’ on August 26, 2016 which is out on Indihut, Soundcloud and Youtube.
The band was formed in the month of July 2016 and very aptly, they launched themselves as “Made in July”. Read on to know more about the band.

Eastern Mirror: How did the guys of ‘Made in July’ get together?
Made in July: Before MIJ was formed, Nuksung was the front man for the band ‘DICE’, while Wapang and Avizo were both in ‘Aspirant’. The idea of forming MIJ was on the cards when Nuksung was invited to a gig by ‘Aspirant’.

Eastern Mirror: How did your first debut single ‘Got a bad feeling’ come into being and how long did you guys work on it?
Made in July: The song came up when I, Nuksung, Temjen and Wapang met up one evening at my place. I had the song ready and so I called them to work on it further.
So that’s how it all started. And then we had a rough recording of it and sent it to Avizo to let him work on the beat.
When we all met up in Dimapur for the recording, we completely changed the arrangement of the song; it ended up with a bit of a old school pop sound. We liked it and we went for it. It was kind of a funny phase since we changed the arrangement just a couple of days before we recorded. I think we worked on it for around 3 weeks.

Eastern Mirror: Talk us through your debut single ‘Got a bad feeling’.
Made in July: The song ‘Got a bad feeling’ is about a person’s life which describes the continuous relationship of a man who falls in love with different girls and how things get messed up. He eventually had a bad feeling when it comes to falling in love all over again.

Eastern Mirror: What are the contributions that each of you make for “Made in July”?
Made in July: Nuksung is the vocalist of the band, he also covers the rhythm. Most of the song writing is done by him.
Wapang is the bassist,
he also covers backing vocals. He has a very keen sense of hearing for e.g.: how the vocal effects should be. He also contributes hugely in the music arrangement.
Avizo is the drummer of the band, he also covers the synth/keys parts. He has knowledge on how to use fl studio so we do quite well without a synth player.

Eastern Mirror: How does the song writing process work for you?
Made in July: The song writing is cooperatively done by us. When we come up with an idea we all listen to it and work on it together.

Eastern Mirror: What’s the music scene like in Nagaland? Are there a lot of opportunities to play?
Made in July: Music scene in Nagaland has now gradually moved to Pop. Of course there are acts which are of other genres but pop music is at the top as of now.
We have not performed live as of now since we are a new band but bands do get a lot of opportunities to play. Given that Nagaland is a music loving state, there is always an event here and there.

Eastern Mirror: What’s the band’s goal at the end of the day? ‘Any plans on a professional front?
Made in July: The band’s short term goal is to make an EP soon and share our music with the rest of the world. We have introduced ourselves with our debut single “Got a bad feeling” and the music video will also be released very soon. So we are hoping people will appreciate what we are and support us.
As for the long term goal, it’s not fixed yet, but we are sure of continuing this act, do live shows, travel places and share our music.

By EMN Updated: Oct 20, 2016 9:37:23 pm