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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Lanukaba Lemtur

By Temshinaro Updated: Jul 07, 2022 11:21 pm
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Melodious Lanukaba Lemtur finds escape in music, a medium through which he can be authentically himself.

He wishes to be a voice for those who feel the most yet bury their truth and emotions.

This talented artiste shares his view on the music scene in Nagaland, how he juggled music and education and much more in today’s Rhythm of Love.

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Eastern Mirror: To start with, an introduction for our readers who haven’t heard of you yet. 

Lanukaba Lemtur: Hi, I’m Lanukaba Lemtur, an independent singer-songwriter from Dimapur, Nagaland. I have recently completed my Masters in Education and I can sing anywhere no matter what the situation maybe.

Also, I’m obsessed with perfumes.

Eastern Mirror: What was the role of music in the early years of your life?

Lemtur: Music has always been a way of escape for me. Before I started singing, I was into dancing.

Dancing, for me, was a way to be fully myself. So ya, music has definitely played a huge role in my life to be authentically myself.

Lanukaba Lemtur 5
Lanukaba Lemtur

Eastern Mirror: Do you have any weaknesses that you’re working to improve on?

Lemtur: I have lots and lots of weaknesses but if I have to particularly name one that I’m currently working to improve on then that’ll be the unproductive ‘habit of Procrastinating’.

Got to kick start and finish all my unfinished works.

Eastern Mirror: Your personal opinion on how the internet has impacted the music business in general.

Lemtur: This generation is blessed with the Internet. Musicians don’t really need a label anymore to release music on streaming platforms.

Besides that, these days most social media apps have made it possible to promote one’s music anywhere and everywhere.

Internet definitely is serving as the biggest means of promotion and as a great source of income for the music business in general.

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Lanukaba Lemtur

Eastern Mirror: You have already released four originals. How do you manage to juggle between studies and music?

Lemtur: I think it all comes down to commitment and time management.

That being said, I just started my humble music journey, in other words, I’m not really a busy musician as of now so I get ample time for education as well as music.

Eastern Mirror: Being a topper in higher secondary, were you ever pressured to aim for professions like doctor, engineer, etc.?

Lemtur: Not really. There were some voices from here and there but I never let it get to me.

Coming to my parents, they never forced me towards such professions; rather they always had my back on whatever my decisions were, knowing the fact that I want to serve God no matter where I stand.

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Eastern Mirror: Being a post graduate student, have you set a professional goal for yourself?

Lemtur: Now that I’ve completed my Masters, all I’m looking for is clarity and nothing else.

I’ve made innumerable amount of plans on my own for my future in the past but it never worked because I was telling God what I wanted to be rather than asking what He wants me to be.

So for now, I’m seeking for clarity.

Eastern Mirror: No doubt, Nagaland government is working hard to promote the musicians in the state, but in your personal opinion, is there anything else that you think would help musicians?

Lemtur: I think the Government is doing a pretty good job to promote the musicians.

More live shows which are televised might serve as a great exposure for the musicians. Also, award shows are an eminent way to celebrate the musicians and their works.

Eastern Mirror: Where do you wish to see yourself ten years from now?

Lemtur: Ten years down the line, I wish to see myself as a better person and as an artiste who still writes about his feelings, experiences or insecurities and sings them out loud.

I also wish to see myself as a voice for those who feel the most yet bury their truth and emotions.

Lanukaba Lemtur 3
Lanukaba Lemtur

Eastern Mirror: What’s next for you?

Lemtur: I’m excited to say that my EP –‘While I’m Healing’ — will be released very soon.

On the contrary, I want to take a break from music after releasing the EP even though I know that I just started my music journey and that consistency is key.

No doubt, I love writing, composing and telling my story but what’s more important for me now, is finding my Clarity.

One thing I’m sure is that I’m given this voice for a purpose and I believe that I will fulfill that purpose only when my mission becomes my vision and that ‘Mission’ is missing as of now.

Nevertheless, I’ll be down for collaborations and am very excited to let you all hear my EP, my journey from seventeen to twenty two.

By Temshinaro Updated: Jul 07, 2022 11:21:56 pm
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