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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Insummer

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Dec 16, 2021 10:01 pm

Four member band ‘Insummer’ has already captured the attention of listeners over various social media platforms. Now they’re all set to rock the music industry with their upcoming first original song.

Eastern Mirror catches up with the talented ‘Insummer’ band members, as they share their musical journey in today’s Rhythm of Love.

Eastern Mirror: Could you guys introduce yourself to our readers?

Insummer:  Insummer is a band formed in summer hence the name. We are a band of 4 members and each member has a separate singing style but everyone is into pop genre. We are all from different places Meren from Mokokchung, Nikato from Dimapur, Rahul from Dimapur and Tolu from Kohima.

Eastern Mirror: When and how did you guys decide to form a band?

 Insummer: I always wanted to be in a band since I was a child so I decided to search for some guys who are good at singing and hence I found the present members and now we are Insummer.

‘Insummer 1

Eastern Mirror: Being a newly formed band what are the difficulties or issues you guys face?

Insummer: If we say difficulties the only one is the distance between us, we are a new band and each one of us is a student pursuing his own stream.

And it’s not always possible for us to meet so we do video calls and chats but it’s not satisfactory that’s why everyone is hoping that this band will become renowned because once we become popular we can give up our lines and give full time to music.

Eastern Mirror: Even though ‘Insummer’ is a newly formed band, you guys have been performing at many events, Do you feel that ‘Insummer’ could one day be a leading band in Nagaland.

Insummer: Yes we hope and believe that we will become a leading pop band in Nagaland because we are always praying for our success and also working very hard for our success so I believe that God helps those who help themselves.

‘Insummer 2

Eastern Mirror: Where do you guys see ‘Insummer’ 5 years down the line?

Insummer: In the next five years we see ourselves performing at very huge platforms and also getting nominated for prestigious awards.

Eastern Mirror: When will ‘Insummer’ release an original song?

Insummer: We will release our first original next year and we are hoping to Rock the Music industry in Nagaland.

Eastern Mirror: Any band from Nagaland that you look up to?   

Insummer: It’s a rock band ‘Lord of Rocks’.

‘Insummer 2

Eastern Mirror: Does ‘Insummer’ incorporate any particular singer’s style in its renditions?

Insummer: No we all have our unique styles of singing and it’s all authentic.

Eastern Mirror: What type of songs or music genres do you guys prefer to perform or are most comfortable with?

Insummer: Pop Genre.

Eastern Mirror: When was the first time ‘Insummer’ performed on stage and what was the experience like?

Insummer: We performed on Dance battle ground as our debut and we were so excited because the response we got from the audience was so good and overwhelming.

‘Insummer 1

Eastern Mirror: Who or what was the inspiration behind pursuing music as a career and what has been the most important influence in your musical careers?

Insummer: One direction, Michael learns to rock, Backstreet boys was our inspiration behind forming this band.

Eastern Mirror: Any project in the pipeline?

Insummer: Yes we have a lot of projects piled up for next year so stay tuned!

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Dec 16, 2021 10:01:45 pm
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