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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Budhha Peter

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Jan 13, 2022 10:45 pm
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Meet DJ Buddha Peter who has been Djing for the more than a decade. In a quick interaction with Eastern Mirror the DJ shared that after 13 years of Djing in Delhi he flew back to Dimapur in the year 2013. He worked with many prominent DJs from Nagaland like DJ R. J(Ronald), DJ Ina, DJ Oir to name few and at present he is working for the ESCAPE LOUNGE as a resident DJ with a new DJ mate DJ ALVIS.

Eastern Mirror: When did you start Djing. Who were your early influences?

Budhha Peter: I started my Djing journey in the year 2000 from Delhi under the guidence of DJ Karma who was my mentor and influencer too.

Eastern Mirror: What was it about Djing that interested you?

 The Hiphop culture had a big influence that interested me towards this profession. 

Eastern Mirror: How would you describe your development as an artist since you started out as a DJ?

Nothing much to describe but it did change my way of living and I got many chances to meet a lot of celebrities and definitely many new places.

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Eastern Mirror: What were the challenges when you started out as a DJ and what were your goals then?

As a North-easterner working in the Capital was not easy. It was tough for me because even though I was qualified there were a lot of racism among my own friends circle which was quite challenging for me and my goal was to become one of the best.

Eastern Mirror: How have those challenges changed. Have you reached your goal?

As I kept on going people started to recognise me and my hard work and slowly they started counting me as one of them. They admired my music and my performance. I am yet to reach my goal and I’m still working on it.

Eastern Mirror: Where was your first gig as a DJ? What was your experience like? Did it meet your expectations?

Well, after facing those challenges people started to accept me and finally I got a contract at LIZARD LOUNGE as a resident DJ and that’s how my journey as a DJ took a turn. And it was such a satisfying period and so great to see people enjoying my music and it actually crossed my expectations to be honest.

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Eastern Mirror: Do you have any projects in line? What’s your future plan?

There is nothing much in line but about my future plans there’s quite a lot I want to do not only for me or my family but for those who want to become like one of us. I would like to help them, showing the right path to start their career and advice them on things like what to do and what not to do.

Eastern Mirror: How would you describe the scenario and scope of a DJ in Nagaland?

According to me as long as one can keep himself/herself dedicated with the work and keep up with the music, it should be fine and with more platforms and opportunities in future , I hope DJ as a profession can be a vocation in Nagaland.

By Henlly Phom Odyuo Updated: Jan 13, 2022 10:45:35 pm
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