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Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Benry Moses

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Jul 22, 2021 11:34 pm

The Mellow and Sweet stylings of Benry Moses’ debut music video ‘Awake’ has listeners enchanted. The talented young singer, songwriter and guitarist from Dimapur started singing in church at the early age of seven. Benry now teaches at the ‘Urban Rava’ Music School in Bangalore.

Read on to learn all about Benry in today’s Rhythm of love.

Eastern Mirror:  How would you like to introduce yourself to those who have not heard of you yet?

Benry Moses: Hey Everyone! I am Benry Moses, a singer-songwriter/guitarist from Dimapur, Nagaland. Although I spent most of my childhood in Dimapur, I have moved around and currently I am based in Bangalore, India. I’m also a Senior Music staff at a contemporary music school in Bangalore called “Urban Raga”.

Eastern Mirror: What is your musical background? Talk us through your journey.

Benry Moses: To be honest, my musical journey has been a roller-coaster ride. I started singing in front of huge crowds in church at the age of seven and the loving members of our church showed me and my family a lot of love. I still think of those days fondly. But as I grew up, my focus drifted a lot but Music was and will always be a part of me.

I started taking piano and guitar lessons. I then found my love for the guitar at the age of ten and I have not left my guitar ever since. I taught a handful of students at “Crown Centre” (now known as Golden Crown Theological College), and also some music schools in and around Delhi.

Around 2010, I moved to Bangalore to pursue my studies in Computer Application and during this time a good friend of mine, who was a guitar teacher asked me to substitute for him and I did. At first, I didn’t think much of it but I enjoyed teaching those students and I loved what I was doing. Eventually, I was offered a job to teach Guitar at Urban Raga, which I accepted and I have not looked back ever since.

Eastern Mirror: What is your debut music video “Awake” about? What is the inspiration behind it?

Benry Moses: Well, ‘Awake’ started from a guitar riff that I came up with from a dream I had. I woke up at 3am in the morning with this tune in my head and I instantly knew I had to try it out on my guitar, so I did. I liked how it sounded so I worked with it for hours and added some more parts to it. That’s when I knew, I need to write “Awake”. This was also the first time I realised the joy in writing a song.

As for the lyrics, it came from a rough transition in my life. I had just got out of a toxic relationship which also brought out the worst in me and I lost some good friends along the way because of that. It also affected my relationships after that and I messed up a good relationship with an amazing girl because my head was just not in the right place during that time. So basically I wrote this song to remind myself to value all the good people in my life and to treasure all the good moments. And also in the hope that this song will send out the right message to everyone who listens to it.

Eastern Mirror: How would you describe your style of music?

Benry Moses: I am still trying to find a particular style but I like to experiment things and try out different styles. Acoustic music has always been close to me though. And I think it is mostly because I always had my Acoustic guitar close to me ever since I was a kid.

To me, Acoustic Music feels more intimate and I personally enjoy the clear and authentic tones it brings to the table. Of course this doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy other styles of Music. I listen and sing everything from Gospel, Classical, Jazz to Hard Rock and Metal. If I had to pick one style that I currently love doing, I would say it’s Indie-Pop.

Eastern Mirror: What are your main inspirations whilst writing lyrics?

Benry Moses: Honestly, this was my first time writing a song. But what I look for in a song is the story or the message it delivers. So, I try to do the same and make sure that whatever I am writing has a good story or moral to it. The inspiration could come from anywhere so I try to keep an open mind.

Eastern Mirror: Apart from singing, what else interests you?

Benry Moses: Teaching Music is something I love doing apart from Singing. In my free time, I like to watch movies and play video games. And I’m also a big fan of Football.

Eastern Mirror: A dream that you have always wanted to fulfil.

Benry Moses: Travel the world.

Eastern Mirror: What would be your dream collaboration?

Benry Moses: It probably won’t ever happen but it would be a dream come true to write a single or an album with John Mayer.

Eastern Mirror: What is your greatest strength? How does it help you as a musician?

Benry Moses: I would say it is my determination and refusal to give up. I always try to stay positive no matter how bad things get and learn from them. And as a musician, I try to channel all these positive vibes into my music.

Eastern Mirror: Any upcoming projects that listeners can watch out for?

Benry Moses: Me, along with a good friend just started working on an album together and I’m really excited about that. You can also expect a lot of guitar instrumentals and doodles along the way. And maybe some covers? Let’s see.

Eastern Mirror: Any message for your listeners?

Benry Moses: Always be grateful for every little thing your life and good things will happen. Also, always follow your dreams and don’t give into the demands of society.

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Jul 22, 2021 11:34:17 pm