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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Aloboli Kinimi

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: May 12, 2022 11:58 pm
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“You were beautiful and full of grace

Now every time I think of you

The pain lingers on”…goes the lyrics of Aloboli Kinimi’s first original song “Worst Fear”, which is about the pain of losing her mom. It was released on the eve of Mother’s Day.

The young upcoming artiste, who caught the attention of YouTube users for her cover songs, has more music to offer. 

Read on to know more…

Eastern Mirror: How would you like to introduce yourself to people new to you?

Aloboli Kinimi: Hi! My name is Aloboli Kinimi, I’m from Khukiye Lukhai village (Satakha area) but as a singer, I’m based in Dimapur.

Eastern Mirror: How did you get into music? Could you take us through your musical journey?

Aloboli Kinimi:  Like any other Naga kid, I started singing at early age (Sunday school days). But it was only around 2017-18, when I started singing on occasions at college and that’s when I began to take music more seriously, thinking that, “maybe I can really sing”.

Belonging to a typical Naga family from a village, none of my parents wanted me to take music as a career, and so my journey wasn’t too smooth at first. But just like my journey it was not easy for me give up on my dreams, so I started grabbing every small opportunities that came my way, and even tried playing small shows here and there and along the way I met so many good people, and I’m so blessed to call them my friends.

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And with time, I got support from my family which is the most important thing for me. Till now I think everything is good. I’m hustling and learning everyday with hopes and I’m so grateful for all the love and support that I get from people… And I can’t be thankful enough to them.

Eastern Mirror: What is your debut music video “Worst fear” all about? What is the inspiration behind it?

Aloboli Kinimi:  “Worst Fear” is kind of a very personal song. It is a song I wrote for my mom who passed away 2 years ago. I was very close with my mom so it was the hardest thing for me to say goodbye to her. I wrote every line of the song to my mom, telling her how hard it is to live without her. I remember praying to God every night like, “God please let me meet my mom at least in my dreams”. I think every line came with deep feelings and tears in the eyes.

Eastern Mirror: What are your inspirations while writing lyrics?

Aloboli Kinimi:  Authenticity is very important to me whenever I write.  Anything that happens in my life, happy or sad, they become my inspiration, and as for my song “Worst Fear” the pain of losing my mom was the inspiration.

Eastern Mirror: Apart from singing, what else interests you?

Aloboli Kinimi:  Apart from singing I have multiple things that I like to do such as cooking, wood works, thrift flips, baking and vlogging. I really hope I will be able to share the vlogs on my Youtube very soon as they are filled up in my phone gallery.

Eastern Mirror: Is there anyone who has influenced you the most in your musical career?

Aloboli Kinimi:  Adele. I really like her voice and her lyrics which are always very deep and meaningful.

Eastern Mirror: What kind of music genre would you want to experiment in the future?

Aloboli Kinimi:  It would be Pop soul, jazz, and R&B

Eastern Mirror: What is your greatest strength? How does it help you as a musician?

Aloboli Kinimi:  I think it is my confidence, but the irony is that it is also my weakness. This question is a bit challenging but I think I do well when I’m confident and vice verse.

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Eastern Mirror: Any upcoming projects that you want your listeners to keep a track on?

Aloboli Kinimi:  I’m working on my next Cover song which will be out very soon I guess. And you can also expect more original songs in days to come.

Eastern Mirror: Any message for your listeners?

Aloboli Kinimi: Thank you so much for always supporting me. I hope you get to learn something from my story (Worst Fear). God bless you! 

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: May 12, 2022 11:58:10 pm
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