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Thursday, May 30, 2024
Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Akabo Awomi

By EMN Updated: Apr 11, 2024 10:45 pm
Akabo Awomi
Akabo Awomi

Nagaland’s music scene is brimming with promising artistes. Akabo Awomi from Zunheboto is one of them. His love for folk music and desire to preserve the rich cultural heritage have shaped his musical career, and his upcoming single “Iwu Jumichi” (My Identity) aims to rekindle the traditional spirit among young people. 

In a conversation with Eastern Mirror, he acknowledged that he chose folk fusion because he intends to keep the traditional values alive.

Eastern Mirror: Please tell us more about yourself.

Akabo Awomi: I hail from Surumi village in Zunheboto. I completed my BA in English from Tetso College and my MA in English from St. Joseph University. Although I focused on secular studies, my passion for music has propelled me forward. Now, by God’s calling and grace, I work as the music director at Kushiabill Sumi Baptist Church.

Eastern Mirror: Who inspired you to enter the music industry? Talk us through your musical journey.

Akabo Awomi: Several people have contributed to my love for music, including my late brother, Dennis Awomi, my father, Hokugha Awomi, Nitoka Hesso, Akavi Yeptho, and Isaac Awomi. My friend, Bohoka Awomi, taught me how to play the guitar with three simple chords: D, G, and A, along with the beautiful melody of the song “Thank You Jesus,” which was a challenging task during those times.

Akabo Awomi
Akabo Awomi

I am mostly a self-taught musician, but I have gained musical knowledge from graded courses at Clefnote Music Academy.

Singing has been my passion since I was very young. If I had to pick a genre, I would go with gospel, weddings, love songs, folk music, and fusion. My church community, South Point East and West ZBTO, has played an important role in shaping my musical career, from singing to leading praise and worship on numerous occasions. 

The road has not been easy. Sometimes it was smooth, and other times it was a narrow and bumpy ride. 

Eastern Mirror: Which song of yours are you most proud of and why?

Akabo Awomi: There is no preference among my songs because each one has a soulful pouring and vision. I thank God for his abundance of grace, which blesses me with the inspiration to compose a song through an inspired motif.

My first release, “Kupuqhiyi Keu Kikimiye,” speaks of true love and the softness in women that calms blinding anger. My second release, “Iwu Jumichi” (My Identity), discusses our language and culture as our identity, and how we must strive to preserve our traditions, particularly our language. This song is a message specifically for today’s youth who do not embrace the traditional spirit. 

Eastern Mirror: Why did you choose folk music over mainstream music, which has a larger audience base? 

Akabo Awomi: I primarily focus on folk fusion because I am passionate about preserving traditional values. I want people to learn more about our way of life and to share that knowledge with the rest of the world. There are many platforms, but a song can be a powerful tool for spreading positive messages to people. I do not disparage other mainstream singers from our state; I admire and support them. My preferred genre is folk, but it is not an absolute one because, following this release, I will release another single, Sumi Love Song.

Eastern Mirror: What are your plans for this year?

Akabo Awomi: I do not have any specific plans for this year right now. I will release another song after this one, and we will see what God has planned. 

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